Saturday, 12 December 2009

Don't worry, I'm still alive ! rofl

I'm so sorry for not posting in almost a month, things have just been so hectic around here!

First the GOOD NEWS !!!

I've finally managed to get the motorbility car ordered ... yeah!!

here it is

I gave in and took the means testing to get it, because fostering were still argueing about paying the 'costomer contribution' and I just got so fed up with it all. In the end, after the testing, they agreed to pay £1350, and I got the demo man around to my house with the manual car for another test drive and to do the paper work. I'm having the silver version - I think the black looks like a taxi/hearse - lol and it will be ready about February time. There is just so much room in the back for Jack, and with the lowered floor, he's not sitting perched up high like in some other car conversions, and there's plenty of room for Adam and Stacy when they come to stay too. I'm so excited and can't wait for it to finally arrive :-)

The nursing help is now in, and after a few weeks of keeping an eye on them to make sure I was happy to leave Jack in their hands, I can now go out on a Thursday evening 7 - 10 :-). Ofcourse being just a couple of weeks before Christmas, most clubs are stopping or having their parties, but atleast Cindy and I can look forward to going to a line dancing club when they start back in January ... yehaw!!!
We are taking advantage of this new free time though. Christmas Eve is on a Thursday this year, so we're going out for a lovely meal, and then on Christmas Day, I'm putting out a buffet and we'll be able to relax and enjoy our selves with out worrying about the cooking and cleaning up ... heaven!

I've had a bust up with my sister. It's been a long time coming and after harsh words have been said we've agreed not to have any thing to do with each other. She's been ignoring my messages, texts, parcels etc since August and when I finaly confronted her about it she went off on one and called me jealous, spiteful, bitter and evil just to mention a few of the names and accused me of not being interested in her grandchildren, when I'd sent two parcels and a card and hadn't had an acknowledgement much less a thank you! ....... She won't be missed.

I still haven't done any stitching :-( I've well and truly lost my mojo! My poor friend Jan is still waiting for her birthday present from Oct! I've got it lying next to the sofa and it keeps calling me but I just can't be bothered with it. I'm going to put it all away until after Christmas, and then perhaps, if it's not shouting at me all the time, I might get the urge to pick it up again! I'm sure that once all the argueing with fostering and my sister has finaly stopped, I'll feel like relaxing with my stitching again.

I'm going off to read all your blogs now, and catch up on what you've all been up to this last month. I'm sure you've put me to shame and have some gorgeous needlework to show off :-)

Have a very Merry Christmas and a loving, prosperous New Year every one xxxxxxxxxx