Sunday, 25 January 2009

Back in Blog Land

You may or may not have realise that I deleted my last blog "Life and Little Stitches".
I have been down and depressed for several months since Mam and MIL passed away, and cut myself off from friends, chats boards and blogging etc,. I just concentrated on the girls and Jack (and the occasional stitching) until I felt better. Now, thanks to the tablets the doc put me on, I'm feeling better and after next weeks holiday in Gran Canaries I'm sure I'll be back to my old self :)

The girls and I went shopping in Telford yesterday and in Shrewsbury today. They managed to get some nice tops, jeans, shorts, shoes etc for the holiday, and I got a pair of earrings! We intend to spend most of the time by the pool, soaking up the Vitamin D so I don't need to get any more clothes than I already have. Jack will be in respite at The Willows while we're away, so he'll be well looked after :)

I've read a couple of books lately. "Dear Fatty" by Dawn French and the Julie Walters autobiography. Both were full of the respective authors humour and had me laughing in several places! I'm taking one of Alan Titchmarsh's books on holiday with me, and I'm hoping it's going to be a good read.

I've also done a bit of stitching. I completed the Cat's Whiskers 'breast cancer scissor pocket' last week

I used Pastel Pink 28 count evenweave from Jaynes Attic and Polstitches Dragon Floss 'Easter Bunny'. Not strictly pink, but I wanted the words to stand out more than the original. The scissors, which I love, are quite heavy, so I don't think I'll be using them for stitching :(. I also did this little kit that my ex had bought for MIL but she couldn't see to stitch it. She said it was too small, so he bought her a bigger kit, not realising she meant the HOLES were too small rofl ... bless him, he's only a man! I was given all her sewing and tapestry things when she passed on, so I'm in the middle of sorting them out.

I had a bit of a run in with the taxi driver and escort who take Jack to and from school, last week. They have been coming here for 2-3 yrs and I know them well, but they made some lewd remarks (which I won't go into) about me and a work man who had come to do the drive, which I wasn't happy about and then the escort just opened the front door and walked in the other day, which again, I wasn't happy about. I had a talk to them and told them very firmly to be more respectful in future. It must have worked because that afternoon these arrived by interflora! Guilty conscience or worried I'll take Jack off the run and he'll loose a lot of money? Atleast he had the decency to apologise.

I probably won't post again until we get back from our holidays, oooh I can't wait to sit in some warm sunshine!