Monday, 16 November 2009

still no further forward

I haven't blogged in a while .... again... life is just so stressful lately, I feel like shutting the doors, closing the curtains and just hibernating until things get better. Unfortunately, that's not an option and I just have to get up every morning, and get on with it, trying to put a smile on my face!

Fostering ... still no further on than the last post! The nursing agency has been approached, finally, but they still haven't got Jack assessed, so I'm still waiting for the nursing help to arrive. I'm hoping it will be with in the next week or two, but I won't hold my breath!
The deposit for the
motorbility car still hasn't been approved :(. After the meeting I mentioned in the last post, I thought they would get things moving quite quickly, but 3 weeks went by, I sent 2 emails, which he didn't acknowledge, then he went on holiday, with out doing any thing about it! I was so frustrated, I sent an email to the other senior manager. She at least replied, but still nothing happened. In the end I sent another email telling them that I was going to a private fostering agency and that they'd hear from that agency about the protocol meeting, in the near future. THAT got them moving! Chris Dennison sent me an email .... while he was on holiday at home .... and said that he would get things moving as soon as he got back in to the office. In the mean time, the other manager, arranged for a slot at the Budget Management Panel, to ask about the car deposit, and gave Jack's social worker the go ahead on the nursing help. Well, she went to the BMP with the wrong information and they didn't agree to paying the money until other options had been looked at! All of them I've already looked at !!
This was on Thursday last week and I still knew nothing until I rang Jack's SW this morning and she got hold of the manager, who text Chris, who then rang me! He is in London at a conference and he made a big deal of saying he was phoning me while he was having his lunch, as if I care that he took time out between courses! I told him the information was wrong, but I would ring the
Motorbility scheme ... again .... and get the info from them ... again ..and I made it quite clear that I'm not happy!

I spent over an hour on the phone with a lovely young lady at the grants department, and she talked me through it all, again, and I was right! By this time I was near to tears with frustration, so I agreed to being means tested (she did it over the phone bless her), and after going through it all, and giving her all the financial details etc, she said I could have a grant, but that I would have to pay £1400 towards the car. I've sent the managers an email, saying their information WAS wrong, but that they've won, and I've been means tested and that they'll have to pay the money that's outstanding. I'm just so angry at them for not supporting me in this, after all Jack is THEIR child !!!
I won't forgive them or forget this.
I usually get what ever Jack needs out of my own money, but from now on, I'm claiming every penny. I've just bought a rain cover for his wheelchair and it cost £55, (can you believe that?) so I'm putting a claim in for that straight away.

While all this was going on, I had 3 weeks of tooth ache to deal with. I had a tooth ache for a couple of days and it didn't go away ( you hope don't you?
lol) so I went to the dentist. I couldn't see my usual man, and the lady I saw thought it was a gum infection because a tooth in the area of pain, was loose. She gave me some anti-biotics to take for a week, but they didn't work, so back I went. I saw my man this time, and he said he agreed with her and it was the loose tooth, I said I thought it was the back one next to it, but he said no he couldn't see any thing wrong with that one and promptly removed the tooth. Off I went, numb tongue and cheek, feeling like JaJa Binks off Star Wars, happy to think that two weeks of pain was finished with.
It was Janine's birthday at the week end, so that night we all went out for a meal. I'd just ordered my food when the numbness wore off and the pain started back again! Thank goodness for
cupfrofen! I managed through the evening and the next morning, I was back at the dentist. I saw yet another dentist, and even though I said it was the back one, he said he couldn't see any thing wrong with it and he agreed the right one had been taken out, but thought that the back one was hyper sensitive so coated it with some thing to stop the pain. All week end I was in pain still, so on Monday morning, I took myself off to the doctors to get him to check that it wasn't an ear infection, neuralgia or sinus's but no, he said it was dental pain. So off I go again, back to the dentist to see if I could get in the next day. My dentist had just had a whole family cancel their check ups, so he whipped me straight in, and whipped the back tooth straight out .... wham bam thank you mam .... pain free !!! 3 weeks of pain, stress and sleepless night, finally at an end. He still couldn't find any thing wrong with the darn tooth, but at least it's gone lol

As you can imagine I haven't had the least enthusiasm for stitching and haven't touched a needle in weeks, so there's nothing to show I'm afraid. I haven't
visited the forums either so I've no idea what's going on, but I'm hoping that once things calm down and I get settled again, I can catch up on what every ones been up to.

Your all still in my thoughts xx

I'll be putting my mind to Christmas now, so here's hoping for a brighter time ahead :-).