Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

The sun has come out again, and I've been spring cleaning !

I spent most of Saturday morning, pulling out all my ornaments from the display unit and giving it and them a good cleaning. The last time I cleaned the unit I had a de-clutter and got rid of a lot of my owl ornaments to the charity shops. This time I haven't got rid of any thing just given it all a good wash and polish and put it back in again. This is most of the perfume bottle that I have collected or been given as presents.

As you can imagine they collect the dust rofl
All the crystal glasses got cleaned too so now the whole unit is sparkling again :)

My garden has also had a spring cleaning. The side hedge has been trimmed and the borders have been weeded, now it's looking nice and tidy. My resident family of meercats have popped up to enjoy the warm sunshine too, but the grandad has decided to stay underground for a bit longer, it's not warm enough for his old bones just yet! My heather is blooming lovely and the plantpot people and mr owl are enjoying the new blooms.

The weeping 'flowering cherry' is in full bud and it won't be long before the blossom comes out, I love this tree!.

Another favourite of mine is this Acer Contorta. We planted it in memory of Bobby, a young lad we fostered, who was profoundly disabled and who passed away 3 weeks after he left us to live in a residential home :( Given his condition and the shape of the branches, we thought it an appropriate tree to plant to remember him by.

It will have lovely furry catkins on later :)

While I was taking these photo's today, I noticed the first Lady Bird of the year, atleast that I've seen in my garden anyway. A deffinate sign that winter is over and the summer is on it's way :)

Im still knitting away at Popcorn Bear. He's now got a muzzle, two front heads, and four ears .... goodness knows what he'll turn out like! rofl

I hope your enjoying this lovely weather


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Janine's new 'baby'

This is Harry, or Jokipur, to give him is proper name.

He passed his 5* vetting yesterday, so Janine went and put a deposit down on him and he's coming to live with Janine on Sunday .... she's sooooo excited!
Harry is an ex Irish race horse, he's still only 4yrs old, but was raced as a 2yr old. He won a few thousand pounds in his races, and this photo was taken after his last win. He's very calm for a 4yr old and Janine has been out on him a few times now, and absolutely loves him!
She's going back over today, to get him fitted for a saddle, as he doesn't come with one, but he does come with a couple of rugs and a bridle, so that will save her some money :).

The lady she's buying him from, does riding lessons, and Janine is going to have her come over the the stables and give her lessons. The riding stables she went to really only catered for the young child doing Pony Club avents, not full blown adult eventing. Janine can't take Harry to the riding stables ofcourse, he'd be exhausted by the time he'd walked the 10 miles to get there rofl, and I'm not buying a horse box to drive him there! She wants to learn on him so they can progress together through jumping, dressage, cross country etc.

Did I say she was sooooooo excited ? rofl

I haven't been stitching lately. I've got my knitting needles out for the first time in a looong time, and I'm knitting a popcorn bear for the girls. Cindy is having Popcorn and Janine is having the white one, who's name escapes me at the moment. I will be knitting a few things for my niece's twins too, once I've managed to persuade some one to go into the loft and get my knitting patterns down!


Sunday, 22 March 2009


I hope all you mothers in the UK have had a lovely day, being spoilt and receiving the lovely cards/presents that you all deserve.

My daughters clubbed together and bought me a gorgeous chiminea for the patio.
When I suggested it, after being asked for some ideas, I was thinking of some thing plain and black, but what I got was a beautiful gold tinted, cast iron masterpiece!

Isn't it just gorgeous!!!

The slab it's standing on is a bit wonky, so it's not standing straight. When I use it, it will be in a different place. The photo doesn't do the colour justice, but atleast you can see what I'm talking about lol .

Cindy also bought me some flowers and some chocolates because she felt guilty not being with me this morning. She'd been out to see a live band and stayed over at her b/f's last night.

Jack bought me a lovely owl salt and pepper set and some cross stitch charts. I haven't taken photo's of them, I forgot! Well, when I say 'Jack bought me' I really mean that I got them when I was out with Janine yesterday, and said they were from him, because I knew he would if he could lol

I had a bit of an emotional morning, thinking of my Mam today. It's the first Mother's Day with out her. :( . I put some tulips and pinks on her plot this afternoon, and gave the stone a good spring clean as the winter weather had brought on a few green patches. My Mam was very house proud and wouldn't want to have a dirty stone lol

Janine and I (and Jack) spent yesterday looking at two horses. The first one was in Utoxeter .... quite a few miles away! He was lovely, but needed pushing on and was a bit of a plodder. The second one was in Cheshire ... we certainly got about! This one was gorgeous, responsive but calm, good to jump and hack. He didn't bat an eyelid at the traffic, tractors or lawn mowers when Janine took him down the lanes. The lady, who also does riding lessons, had Janine riding him in the open field, and Janine did her first jump on him! It was only crossed bars and not very high, but it felt like it was high to Janine sitting about 5'7" off the ground on the 16.1 hh gelding!! He's only 4 yrs old but behaves like a much older horse and Janine is very keen on him. She's going back to see him Monday after work, with her yard manager, and if she still feels the same, will be ........ buying her first horse!!! yeah!!

I was sad to hear that Jade Goody had passed away this morning. Love her or hate her, it's very sad when a young mum is taken by cancer, leaving two young children behind. I was not a fan of hers, but I admire the way she coped with the devestating news and did every thing she could to secure a future for her boys. It brings home to me, just how lucky I am to have got through breast cancer and still be here to love and support my girls.

RIP Jade.


Friday, 20 March 2009


As I mentioned on a previous post, my niece has undergone IVF treatment as her falopian tubes were damaged when she had a burst appendix when she was 10yrs old.

My sister has just text to say she's carrying twins ... YEAH!!!

She's still only 8 weeks gone, so we have a long wait to see them rofl But atleast I can start knitting now :)

I'm still waiting to hear when the due date is, but it will be some time in November.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

May break :)

I've just booked a short break in Centre Parc's for the girls and I, the first week in May.

We're going to be doing rally driving, falconry, high wire ropes (not me!), clay pigeon shooting, sauna's, massage's, swimming and any thing else that takes our fancy! What we won't be doing is sports that leave us out of breath and knackered!!!

We've never been before and decided that it would be a nice short break for us, while Jack's at Hope House Hospice for 8 days. We won't be going any where during the summer (apart from me going to see the Military Tattoo) so it will count as our summer holidays.
Apparently you have to bike every where because the cars aren't allowed in the grounds except for loading and unloading, so it's going to be fun seeing me trying to ride a bike! I didn't manage to ride one when I was little, so now I'm older ... and bigger .... it's going to be a right 'carry on'. I'm hoping the weight and gravity will keep me on the bike, but I'm nervous of where the seat will end up! rofl The other option is to walk every where but it will be miles getting around, so that's out of the question!


Jack's social worker is leaving the 'Children with Disability's Team' at the end of this month and we won't be seeing her any more, so I've stitched her a little gift as a thank you

It's a Dimensions kit called 'Daydreams' and comes with every thing you need to make it up. Heidi has always admired my stitching and when I made her a stitched good luck card she said 'Yeah, I've got some of your stitching atlast', which made me feel guilty for not doing some thing sooner! lol I hope she likes this. the photo doesn't do it justice really, the colours are much brighter IRL.

We're having some lovely weather just now, and the garden is coming alive :) All the daph's are in bloom, the roses are budding and the grape hyacinths are popping up too, don't you just love spring? ........ I only hope we don't pay for this lovely weather with a cold snap!

Last year, for Cindy's 21st birthday, I bought some hot air balloon flights for us all. We didn't manage to get up after 5 attempts, and had to wait for the winter to pass. The next one is due on Monday evening, so keep your fingers crossed for a lovely calm, bright day for us!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Did I say 'the last one'? mmmmm

Jacqui has just RAK'd me with these 7 gorgeous Sweetheart Tree needle roll charts!

I think they're lovely, I really like the Sweetheart Tree designs, so delicate and pretty, so I guess I'll just have to FORCE my self to make a few more needle rolls now, won't I? rofl Once I've finished what I started last night that is. It's a little different from the usual cross stitch finishes and I'd forgotten all about it, until I was rummaging through my stash for a suitable new start yesterday. I won't say any more about it until it's finished and then I'll post a picture.

I had a new carpet layed on the stairs and landing yesterday. The last of the expensive jobs I wanted to get done after the ex left. It's taken 6.5 yrs but I've got there in the end! The hall is going to have some vinyl glued down so I can get a mop over it regularly, to keep the dirt that Jack's wheelchair (and Janine's work boots) bring in. Laminate wouldn't be suitable, as it doesn't take kindly to mopping frequently, so this is the best option. They can't do that until next week though, as the floor needs leveling before the vinyl goes down, and the man who does that is fully booked.

This is the landing, with my much loved chest, it's made from Eucalyptus wood and smells gorgeous inside! The doors lead to (L TO R) the front spare room, Cindy's room and my room

This is to the right of the previous picture and goes back to Janine's room (left) and the back spare room. The spare rooms get used each time the children come on respite, every school holiday, so it's not like they're left empty, or I'd have the back one made into a sewing room. The rooms look out over the back garden which is south facing and gets the sun all day, brilliant for sewing don't you think? BUT, the children are 8 and 11 and different sex's so I can't make them share a room :( If I tried using the room in between time, I'd have to clear it all out before Adam came because he'd be rummaging through it all and trying to take some home probably!!!

In case your wondering what the list of jobs where, that I wanted to get done after the ex left ... a new kitchen, a new bathroom, redecorate through out, make over the garden, a new driveway and re carpet the hall, stairs and landing! Not a lot eh? lol

Every month, I put a few quid away, and after months of saving, I get a job done when I've got enough. Admittedly I've been helped by inheriting some money from Mam and Dad and a cheque from the working tax credits because they underpaid me for two years. Now the house feels like it's all mine, apart from the bit I have to give him when I eventualy sell up that is. lol


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Last one!

This is the last one of the three Shepherd's Bush needle rolls I bought earlier this year. It's called English Christmas, but I must confess to being disappointed with it. I don't think it's as pretty as I hoped, the linen colour is drab and the texture of it is very stiff and rough!
I also made a mistake on the ribbon band, I slipped down a thread or two in the middle .. that's what happens when your stitching by lamp light and watching Stargate SG1 on tv!! I didn't notice until I came to stuff it and if I was really pleased with it, I might have tried to undo it and straighten it up, but I'm not, so it will just have to sit at the back of the basket and hide!

Not sure If I'll start another project or get the knitting needles out and make a start on Popcorn Bear that I promised Janine last year! She keeps dropping a hint every now and then rofl

It's been a lovely couple of days, and I've been getting some of the jobs done in the garden. My snow drops are just about finished now but the daffs are in bud ready to bloom very soon. I had some miniature daff's in pots last year and I put them out in the garden when they'd finished, and they have bloomed beautifully this week, way ahead of the rest, so I think I might add a few more to the garden and hope for an early show again next spring. It's so nice to see some colour coming back into the garden! I really want to start cutting back the shrubs etc, but it's a bit too early, knowing my luck we'll have a really cold spell and every thing will get killed off!

Jack, Cindy and I went for a check up at the dentist today and all got a clean bill of health ... phew !! I have to go back next month for a clean and polish because, for some reason we haven't been able to fathom, one or two teeth seem to work loose and end up having to come out, even though there's nothing wrong with them and I don't have gum disease! I've been to the hospital dental unit but they don't know why it happens either. They said it's some thing that happens to smokers, but I've never smoked in my life so it can't be that! It started after I turned 40 and went on HRT so I'm convinced it's some thing to do with that ...... but I'm the only one that is rofl

Last Thursday, I went to a Disabilities Information Day in Shrewsbury, and it was very informative! I got lots of info on Motorbility, which I haven't bothered with up to now, but as Jack gets older and bigger, and I get older and weaker ( lol) I'm finding it more of a struggle to get him in and out of the VW Transporter. I bought it a few years ago, with my own money (well, a loan!) and can't afford to change it now. I also got some info on a charity that have a holiday home built especially for the use of families with disabled children. They let it out on a weekly basis .... FOR FREE!! You have to qualify, and are means tested etc, but it's worth going through all the paper work for a weeks holiday in south west Wales in a bungalow that has every thing you need for your disabled child, even if you get allocated a winter week!


Sunday, 8 March 2009

She's Pregnant!!!

NO not one of my girls rofl ............. or me!!!

My niece has been under going IVF treatment. She had a burst appendix when she was 10 and almost died. The result was that her fallopian tubes were damaged and although she could produce eggs they were not able to get to the womb so she couldn't conceive.
When my mam passed away, the grandchildren were given some money each, and Emma has used hers for the treatment. She couldn't get it free because her boyfriend already has children so they didn't qualify. She had four eggs fertilised, two frozen and two implanted. We just have to wait a few more weeks until she gets her scan, to find out if it's one or two babies she's carrying!
Of course she will have to be careful until after the 12 weeks are up as a miscarriage is still possible at this early stage, as my DD1 knows because she lost hers at 10 weeks, but even so , we're all very excited that a new generation is about to start in our family!! My DD2 Janine was the last baby and she's 20 this year!!


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Needle roll HD No2

I've finished the second of my three Shepherd's Bush needle rolls!

This one is 'Stitcher's' and is very quick to stitch as most of it is back stitch.

I read on Andrea's blog about the little brass charms 'made with love' and just had to have some. I think they look really cute and are perfect for adding to presents... thank you for showing them Andrea!

The next needle roll is English Christmas, so keep your eye's peeled 'cos I'm on a roll !! ha ha ha , some dumb humour coming through there, sorry rofl

The girls and I went out for a meal last night as Jack's away for the week end. We went out early so it didn't interfere with the girls going out on the town. Well, I told them that was why we were going early, but really, I'm not up to late night eating any more and I wanted to get back to finish my needle roll. rol I had a delicious lamb shank with veg and a scrumptious mint chocolate ice cream sundae with smarties, and to add a final touch, a large glass of white wine!! I very rarely drink, only a glass at Christmas usualy, but as Jack wasn't here, I thought I'd push the boat out. The first thing I headed for when I got home was the kettle for a nice cup of Tetley though rofl

Tomorrow there is a Mind, Body and Spirit fayre on in Nantwich, and I'm thinking of going to it. When I went to the last one here in Whitchurch I was so emotional after having a reading, I had to go straight home, and didn't realy get to see much of the fayre. The trouble is, it's a few miles away, and I'm not sure about going on my own. I may wait until August when it comes to Whitchurch again. If I don't go, I'll probably make a start on some gardening or cleaning windows, so I think I really ought to go don't you? rofl

On Monday, I'm taking Janine to Stoke on Trent to view a horse she wants to buy! It's a 'coloured' mare (brown and white to you and me!), and 16.5 hands, which is b****y big! It sounds perfect and she's quite excited about it, but I'm going to be the voice of reason. I don't know the first thing about horses mind, but I'll be trying to sound knowledgeable and will talk about things like ... 'forward going' and 'good to box' and 'snaffle mouth' and things like that ...... non of which I understand, but I've heard Janine talk about them rofl She'll probably send me back to the car ! lol She has sorted out stableing and knows what's involved in looking after one, after all she's worked with horses five days out of seven for the last 18 months in the Stud Farm. They have a quick turn around of mares coming in for fertilisation, ect so is used to handling lots of different horses. This page has a picture of the staff (they don't all work full time or every day but came in for the photo. ) and Janine is second from the right on the fence. Not a brilliant pic but it shows her happy smile lol

This is Oscar 'guarding' the owls because Jack is away and unavailable for guarding rofl

I hope your enjoying the week end with family and friends :)


Monday, 2 March 2009

Christmas decoration

I was going to show some WIP on the next needle roll today, but there isn't any rofl.
I made the grand total of 2 stitches and fell asleep!

The next day I decided to finish off a Mill Hill Beaded Christmas decoration that I started before Christmas but didn't get around to finishing off. I finished the beading and then backed it with some sticky backed felt. ... I used a roll of doll's house carpet as it's cheaper and a bigger piece so I can cut off just what I need. The girls think I'm mad doing Christmas decorations at this time of year!

Here's a picture of the decoration

Jack's mum, great-gran and two little brothers came for a visit today, so I kept him off school so they could see him. They had lots of cuddles and kisses, and mum fed him his lunch and changed his nappy. She'd only just changed the nappy of her 3 month old baby boy, so it was a BIG difference changing Jack's rofl The baby is sooo cute and little Cole, who's 2yrs old now, is just gorgeous, with beautiful red hair :) Jack's other brother George didn't come as he was at school, which is a shame, as he's 8yrs old and will be sad to have missed seeing his big brother.

I have been extremely lucky to have been awarded this by Lisa, Karan, and Elisa, Thank you so much ladies, I'm very honoured and grateful that you've thought of me.
These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers. When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with.









It's hard to choose eight, but I've chosen the ones who inspire me with their amazing work, their courage in life, and their amazing friendship. My world is so much better having you in it (((hugs)))