Thursday, 12 March 2009

Last one!

This is the last one of the three Shepherd's Bush needle rolls I bought earlier this year. It's called English Christmas, but I must confess to being disappointed with it. I don't think it's as pretty as I hoped, the linen colour is drab and the texture of it is very stiff and rough!
I also made a mistake on the ribbon band, I slipped down a thread or two in the middle .. that's what happens when your stitching by lamp light and watching Stargate SG1 on tv!! I didn't notice until I came to stuff it and if I was really pleased with it, I might have tried to undo it and straighten it up, but I'm not, so it will just have to sit at the back of the basket and hide!

Not sure If I'll start another project or get the knitting needles out and make a start on Popcorn Bear that I promised Janine last year! She keeps dropping a hint every now and then rofl

It's been a lovely couple of days, and I've been getting some of the jobs done in the garden. My snow drops are just about finished now but the daffs are in bud ready to bloom very soon. I had some miniature daff's in pots last year and I put them out in the garden when they'd finished, and they have bloomed beautifully this week, way ahead of the rest, so I think I might add a few more to the garden and hope for an early show again next spring. It's so nice to see some colour coming back into the garden! I really want to start cutting back the shrubs etc, but it's a bit too early, knowing my luck we'll have a really cold spell and every thing will get killed off!

Jack, Cindy and I went for a check up at the dentist today and all got a clean bill of health ... phew !! I have to go back next month for a clean and polish because, for some reason we haven't been able to fathom, one or two teeth seem to work loose and end up having to come out, even though there's nothing wrong with them and I don't have gum disease! I've been to the hospital dental unit but they don't know why it happens either. They said it's some thing that happens to smokers, but I've never smoked in my life so it can't be that! It started after I turned 40 and went on HRT so I'm convinced it's some thing to do with that ...... but I'm the only one that is rofl

Last Thursday, I went to a Disabilities Information Day in Shrewsbury, and it was very informative! I got lots of info on Motorbility, which I haven't bothered with up to now, but as Jack gets older and bigger, and I get older and weaker ( lol) I'm finding it more of a struggle to get him in and out of the VW Transporter. I bought it a few years ago, with my own money (well, a loan!) and can't afford to change it now. I also got some info on a charity that have a holiday home built especially for the use of families with disabled children. They let it out on a weekly basis .... FOR FREE!! You have to qualify, and are means tested etc, but it's worth going through all the paper work for a weeks holiday in south west Wales in a bungalow that has every thing you need for your disabled child, even if you get allocated a winter week!



  1. DH has started the garden cut down so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We let it go last year and we are planning a small extension on the shed to give me a greenhouse area. My kitchen is running out of room.
    The information day sounds as if it was worth going to, good luck with the paperwork.
    Yuck dentistry is so expensive - I've just had a cap put on one of my teeth.

  2. Your needleroll is lovely Lynn. I love this one and have it in my stash! LOL!

  3. Another very pretty needleroll Lynn. I love the splashes of colour in the garden too & have been tempted out there this week. Glad the dentist trip went well & I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you qualify for a week in Wales too. :0)

  4. Another super one Lynn, i like it.
    Good Luck with the motorbility and the holiday home, sounds fabulous.
    We have bulbs out and it sure lifts the mood to look out the window and see something nice and colourful.
    Have a great weekend.


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