Sunday, 22 March 2009


I hope all you mothers in the UK have had a lovely day, being spoilt and receiving the lovely cards/presents that you all deserve.

My daughters clubbed together and bought me a gorgeous chiminea for the patio.
When I suggested it, after being asked for some ideas, I was thinking of some thing plain and black, but what I got was a beautiful gold tinted, cast iron masterpiece!

Isn't it just gorgeous!!!

The slab it's standing on is a bit wonky, so it's not standing straight. When I use it, it will be in a different place. The photo doesn't do the colour justice, but atleast you can see what I'm talking about lol .

Cindy also bought me some flowers and some chocolates because she felt guilty not being with me this morning. She'd been out to see a live band and stayed over at her b/f's last night.

Jack bought me a lovely owl salt and pepper set and some cross stitch charts. I haven't taken photo's of them, I forgot! Well, when I say 'Jack bought me' I really mean that I got them when I was out with Janine yesterday, and said they were from him, because I knew he would if he could lol

I had a bit of an emotional morning, thinking of my Mam today. It's the first Mother's Day with out her. :( . I put some tulips and pinks on her plot this afternoon, and gave the stone a good spring clean as the winter weather had brought on a few green patches. My Mam was very house proud and wouldn't want to have a dirty stone lol

Janine and I (and Jack) spent yesterday looking at two horses. The first one was in Utoxeter .... quite a few miles away! He was lovely, but needed pushing on and was a bit of a plodder. The second one was in Cheshire ... we certainly got about! This one was gorgeous, responsive but calm, good to jump and hack. He didn't bat an eyelid at the traffic, tractors or lawn mowers when Janine took him down the lanes. The lady, who also does riding lessons, had Janine riding him in the open field, and Janine did her first jump on him! It was only crossed bars and not very high, but it felt like it was high to Janine sitting about 5'7" off the ground on the 16.1 hh gelding!! He's only 4 yrs old but behaves like a much older horse and Janine is very keen on him. She's going back to see him Monday after work, with her yard manager, and if she still feels the same, will be ........ buying her first horse!!! yeah!!

I was sad to hear that Jade Goody had passed away this morning. Love her or hate her, it's very sad when a young mum is taken by cancer, leaving two young children behind. I was not a fan of hers, but I admire the way she coped with the devestating news and did every thing she could to secure a future for her boys. It brings home to me, just how lucky I am to have got through breast cancer and still be here to love and support my girls.

RIP Jade.



  1. I'm glad you had a good day yesterday Lynn, although I know it must have been hard for you without your Mam. I love your chiminea.

    I agree with you about Jade Goody, it was sad that she had to die so young and leave her two small boys.

  2. I was thinking of you Lynn and a few other friends in the same situation.
    Great pressie, roll on summer!!!

  3. A bitter sweet day best describes it, I think, when you miss your Mum but have the joy of your own children. After the firsts it does get a little easier to face each year (((((((((hugs))))))))).
    What a fab pressie!


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