Thursday, 26 March 2009

Janine's new 'baby'

This is Harry, or Jokipur, to give him is proper name.

He passed his 5* vetting yesterday, so Janine went and put a deposit down on him and he's coming to live with Janine on Sunday .... she's sooooo excited!
Harry is an ex Irish race horse, he's still only 4yrs old, but was raced as a 2yr old. He won a few thousand pounds in his races, and this photo was taken after his last win. He's very calm for a 4yr old and Janine has been out on him a few times now, and absolutely loves him!
She's going back over today, to get him fitted for a saddle, as he doesn't come with one, but he does come with a couple of rugs and a bridle, so that will save her some money :).

The lady she's buying him from, does riding lessons, and Janine is going to have her come over the the stables and give her lessons. The riding stables she went to really only catered for the young child doing Pony Club avents, not full blown adult eventing. Janine can't take Harry to the riding stables ofcourse, he'd be exhausted by the time he'd walked the 10 miles to get there rofl, and I'm not buying a horse box to drive him there! She wants to learn on him so they can progress together through jumping, dressage, cross country etc.

Did I say she was sooooooo excited ? rofl

I haven't been stitching lately. I've got my knitting needles out for the first time in a looong time, and I'm knitting a popcorn bear for the girls. Cindy is having Popcorn and Janine is having the white one, who's name escapes me at the moment. I will be knitting a few things for my niece's twins too, once I've managed to persuade some one to go into the loft and get my knitting patterns down!



  1. He looks lovely for a horse! i dont like horses though LOL
    Happy Knitting

  2. I'm not a fan of horses either, but he does look like a good one. Hope Janine will be very happy with him.


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