Saturday, 14 March 2009

Did I say 'the last one'? mmmmm

Jacqui has just RAK'd me with these 7 gorgeous Sweetheart Tree needle roll charts!

I think they're lovely, I really like the Sweetheart Tree designs, so delicate and pretty, so I guess I'll just have to FORCE my self to make a few more needle rolls now, won't I? rofl Once I've finished what I started last night that is. It's a little different from the usual cross stitch finishes and I'd forgotten all about it, until I was rummaging through my stash for a suitable new start yesterday. I won't say any more about it until it's finished and then I'll post a picture.

I had a new carpet layed on the stairs and landing yesterday. The last of the expensive jobs I wanted to get done after the ex left. It's taken 6.5 yrs but I've got there in the end! The hall is going to have some vinyl glued down so I can get a mop over it regularly, to keep the dirt that Jack's wheelchair (and Janine's work boots) bring in. Laminate wouldn't be suitable, as it doesn't take kindly to mopping frequently, so this is the best option. They can't do that until next week though, as the floor needs leveling before the vinyl goes down, and the man who does that is fully booked.

This is the landing, with my much loved chest, it's made from Eucalyptus wood and smells gorgeous inside! The doors lead to (L TO R) the front spare room, Cindy's room and my room

This is to the right of the previous picture and goes back to Janine's room (left) and the back spare room. The spare rooms get used each time the children come on respite, every school holiday, so it's not like they're left empty, or I'd have the back one made into a sewing room. The rooms look out over the back garden which is south facing and gets the sun all day, brilliant for sewing don't you think? BUT, the children are 8 and 11 and different sex's so I can't make them share a room :( If I tried using the room in between time, I'd have to clear it all out before Adam came because he'd be rummaging through it all and trying to take some home probably!!!

In case your wondering what the list of jobs where, that I wanted to get done after the ex left ... a new kitchen, a new bathroom, redecorate through out, make over the garden, a new driveway and re carpet the hall, stairs and landing! Not a lot eh? lol

Every month, I put a few quid away, and after months of saving, I get a job done when I've got enough. Admittedly I've been helped by inheriting some money from Mam and Dad and a cheque from the working tax credits because they underpaid me for two years. Now the house feels like it's all mine, apart from the bit I have to give him when I eventualy sell up that is. lol



  1. Lovely RAK - you'll definitely be all needlerolled out when you've done all those. LOL Carpet looks great & I love the chest.That's what my DSis does too - she's madly saving now to get the next big job done, an en-suite for the front bedroom. :0)

  2. A nice RAK from Jacqui.

    Carpet looks great, love the chest.

    I did it!!!!!!!! the chair is done, pics on the blog LOL

  3. You're very welcome to the needleroll charts Lynn, glad you like them. The new carpet looks lovely. And you know how I feel about your chest. The wooden one that is. PMSL.


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