Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

The sun has come out again, and I've been spring cleaning !

I spent most of Saturday morning, pulling out all my ornaments from the display unit and giving it and them a good cleaning. The last time I cleaned the unit I had a de-clutter and got rid of a lot of my owl ornaments to the charity shops. This time I haven't got rid of any thing just given it all a good wash and polish and put it back in again. This is most of the perfume bottle that I have collected or been given as presents.

As you can imagine they collect the dust rofl
All the crystal glasses got cleaned too so now the whole unit is sparkling again :)

My garden has also had a spring cleaning. The side hedge has been trimmed and the borders have been weeded, now it's looking nice and tidy. My resident family of meercats have popped up to enjoy the warm sunshine too, but the grandad has decided to stay underground for a bit longer, it's not warm enough for his old bones just yet! My heather is blooming lovely and the plantpot people and mr owl are enjoying the new blooms.

The weeping 'flowering cherry' is in full bud and it won't be long before the blossom comes out, I love this tree!.

Another favourite of mine is this Acer Contorta. We planted it in memory of Bobby, a young lad we fostered, who was profoundly disabled and who passed away 3 weeks after he left us to live in a residential home :( Given his condition and the shape of the branches, we thought it an appropriate tree to plant to remember him by.

It will have lovely furry catkins on later :)

While I was taking these photo's today, I noticed the first Lady Bird of the year, atleast that I've seen in my garden anyway. A deffinate sign that winter is over and the summer is on it's way :)

Im still knitting away at Popcorn Bear. He's now got a muzzle, two front heads, and four ears .... goodness knows what he'll turn out like! rofl

I hope your enjoying this lovely weather



  1. Stunning collection of scent bottles.
    I agree with you that heather is 'blooming lovely' LOL

  2. Nice collection. It was lovely here on Sunday and again today. You feel so much better when the sun is shining.

  3. Love those owl bottles - though I can't say I fancy the cleaning! LOL Great garden pics - those trees are lovely. :0)


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