Saturday, 7 March 2009

Needle roll HD No2

I've finished the second of my three Shepherd's Bush needle rolls!

This one is 'Stitcher's' and is very quick to stitch as most of it is back stitch.

I read on Andrea's blog about the little brass charms 'made with love' and just had to have some. I think they look really cute and are perfect for adding to presents... thank you for showing them Andrea!

The next needle roll is English Christmas, so keep your eye's peeled 'cos I'm on a roll !! ha ha ha , some dumb humour coming through there, sorry rofl

The girls and I went out for a meal last night as Jack's away for the week end. We went out early so it didn't interfere with the girls going out on the town. Well, I told them that was why we were going early, but really, I'm not up to late night eating any more and I wanted to get back to finish my needle roll. rol I had a delicious lamb shank with veg and a scrumptious mint chocolate ice cream sundae with smarties, and to add a final touch, a large glass of white wine!! I very rarely drink, only a glass at Christmas usualy, but as Jack wasn't here, I thought I'd push the boat out. The first thing I headed for when I got home was the kettle for a nice cup of Tetley though rofl

Tomorrow there is a Mind, Body and Spirit fayre on in Nantwich, and I'm thinking of going to it. When I went to the last one here in Whitchurch I was so emotional after having a reading, I had to go straight home, and didn't realy get to see much of the fayre. The trouble is, it's a few miles away, and I'm not sure about going on my own. I may wait until August when it comes to Whitchurch again. If I don't go, I'll probably make a start on some gardening or cleaning windows, so I think I really ought to go don't you? rofl

On Monday, I'm taking Janine to Stoke on Trent to view a horse she wants to buy! It's a 'coloured' mare (brown and white to you and me!), and 16.5 hands, which is b****y big! It sounds perfect and she's quite excited about it, but I'm going to be the voice of reason. I don't know the first thing about horses mind, but I'll be trying to sound knowledgeable and will talk about things like ... 'forward going' and 'good to box' and 'snaffle mouth' and things like that ...... non of which I understand, but I've heard Janine talk about them rofl She'll probably send me back to the car ! lol She has sorted out stableing and knows what's involved in looking after one, after all she's worked with horses five days out of seven for the last 18 months in the Stud Farm. They have a quick turn around of mares coming in for fertilisation, ect so is used to handling lots of different horses. This page has a picture of the staff (they don't all work full time or every day but came in for the photo. ) and Janine is second from the right on the fence. Not a brilliant pic but it shows her happy smile lol

This is Oscar 'guarding' the owls because Jack is away and unavailable for guarding rofl

I hope your enjoying the week end with family and friends :)



  1. Another super one, i love it!

    I vote you go, have a nice day out and enjoy, you can do the gardening/cleaning another day.

    Rather you than me with the horsey buying, i dont do horses.

    Naughty Oscar up there, furry cuddles to him.

  2. Another great needleroll, you certainly are on a roll aren't you! LOL. Glad you had a good night out with the girls. Good luck with the horse buying, I hope Janine gets what she wants.

  3. wow! you're fairly stitching these needlerolls up Lynn. This one's lovely!
    I have mothers love stitched up, but can't do the hemstitch :(
    Glad you had a nice evening out with the girls, you deserved a treat
    Look at Oscar he's so cute sitting up there :)

  4. Love your needleroll finish Lynn. It's so pretty. I have this one too:) It was sent to me in a needleroll exchange.

  5. Sounds & looks like you've been really busy. Another gorgeous needleroll - great scissor charm. You would be OK going to the MB&S event on your own - all the stallholders are always so friendly & you'd soon get chatting to folks. :0)
    Hope the horse buying goes OK.
    Great pic of Oscar - love those owl ornies. :0)


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