Wednesday, 18 March 2009

May break :)

I've just booked a short break in Centre Parc's for the girls and I, the first week in May.

We're going to be doing rally driving, falconry, high wire ropes (not me!), clay pigeon shooting, sauna's, massage's, swimming and any thing else that takes our fancy! What we won't be doing is sports that leave us out of breath and knackered!!!

We've never been before and decided that it would be a nice short break for us, while Jack's at Hope House Hospice for 8 days. We won't be going any where during the summer (apart from me going to see the Military Tattoo) so it will count as our summer holidays.
Apparently you have to bike every where because the cars aren't allowed in the grounds except for loading and unloading, so it's going to be fun seeing me trying to ride a bike! I didn't manage to ride one when I was little, so now I'm older ... and bigger .... it's going to be a right 'carry on'. I'm hoping the weight and gravity will keep me on the bike, but I'm nervous of where the seat will end up! rofl The other option is to walk every where but it will be miles getting around, so that's out of the question!


Jack's social worker is leaving the 'Children with Disability's Team' at the end of this month and we won't be seeing her any more, so I've stitched her a little gift as a thank you

It's a Dimensions kit called 'Daydreams' and comes with every thing you need to make it up. Heidi has always admired my stitching and when I made her a stitched good luck card she said 'Yeah, I've got some of your stitching atlast', which made me feel guilty for not doing some thing sooner! lol I hope she likes this. the photo doesn't do it justice really, the colours are much brighter IRL.

We're having some lovely weather just now, and the garden is coming alive :) All the daph's are in bloom, the roses are budding and the grape hyacinths are popping up too, don't you just love spring? ........ I only hope we don't pay for this lovely weather with a cold snap!

Last year, for Cindy's 21st birthday, I bought some hot air balloon flights for us all. We didn't manage to get up after 5 attempts, and had to wait for the winter to pass. The next one is due on Monday evening, so keep your fingers crossed for a lovely calm, bright day for us!


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a busy but fun time - enjoy! Your comment about the bike seat made me think of Fern Brittan & her mega bike ride - she reckoned she'd need a gynaecologist's help at the end of it! Philip Schofield cried with laughing & so did I. ROFL
    Very pretty gift Lynn - bet she'll be delighted with it. :0)
    Hope the weather stays fine for the balloon ride! :0)

  2. How exciting, a hot air balloon flight and a hol to look forward to. Maybe they will have a three wheeler bike for those who have 'less experience' (tactfully put i think LOL)
    Love the stitched piece for the social worker, she will love it.

  3. You don't have to bike every where you can walk (plus it's free) and if I remember rightly from the few times I've been to Centre Parc's there are some villa's with disabled parking.


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