Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Still spring cleaning!

Yesterday I cleared out the 'black hole' otherwise known as my understairs cupboard!

Cindy's b/f Matt painted it out with some spare magnolia emulsion I had found at the back of the cupboard, and layed some vinyl that I had left over from the hall. Meanwhile, I went to Homebase and got 2 large plastic boxes with lids and wheels and one smaller one and transfered all the stuff I'm keeping, into them. The rest went either into the garden shed, or is ready to go to the recycling centre.
My cupboard is now looking very smart. The boxes can be wheeled out, rather than lifted or dragged, because they're on wheels, and I can then get what I want and wheel it back into the cupboard with the minimum of effort and hassle. No more scrabbling around in the clutter looking for what I want! AND I now have enough room on the shelves to properly stack my cookery books, and can even walk in far enough to be able to read them too .....rofl.

Matt said he's going to be very careful about when he stay's over next time, lol

I think I'll have to make a start on the big cupboard in Jack's room next, it full of things that I can't even remember .... so do I need them? Watch out for the next instalment lol

Here is Janine and her precious 'baby' lol I promise not to bore you with any more photo's of Harry for a while , but I couldn't resist this one, he looks so interested in having his photo taken, which is more than can be said for Janine lol

No stitching or knitting photo's to show, my thumb is playing up quite badly and I can't do either at the moment. One doc said it was arthrytis but another said it wasn't, but what ever it is, it's flaming painful at times, and stops me doing my hobbies ........ but unfortunately, not the house work!



  1. Lovely pic of Janine and her new friend.
    You'll soon be all sprung cleaned out!! LOL
    Get well wishes to Mr Thumby (thats what DD used to call her thumb when she used to suck it)

  2. When you're finished spring clean splurging feel free to come and do mine Lynn. You know where I live. LOL.
    Great photo of Janine on Harry too.

  3. What a fine horse he is - very intelligent judging by how he's reacting to the camera. Hope they have lots of great times together. BTW, when you've done spring cleaning at yours do you fancy coming round & tackling mine? LOL :0)


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