Thursday, 2 April 2009

The kindness and generosity of stitchers !

This is what I received in the post today from Barb Blundell a lady on the Stitch and Stashers forum. She is a very kind, generous and talented lady who has been sending gifts like these to several of the other ladies on the board, for no other reason than she wants to. All those who have received these gifts have felt blessed and honoured, and I know I'll think of Barb every time I use my gifts, so THANK YOU Barb xxxx

Barb was a little concered about this package as it has taken over a week to arrive! She has been sending messages, 'has it arrived yet' and I've been replying 'not not yet' for a few days now rofl I am so pleased it has finally got here!
The scissor fob, Barb made herself, and is gorgeous, least of all because it's in my all time favourite colour ... green! I think I'll be putting it on my hand bag, so every one can see and admire it :).



  1. Stunning package, no wonder she was worried about it. I keep having to fondle my fob and try to see how she does it!

  2. Fantastic package. The fobs are fabulous aren't they? Every time I look at mine it stuns me all over again. :0)

  3. A wonderful package, great gifts to receive.


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