Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Which monkey is which?

Yesterday the two children arrived for their respite stay. They usually stay for a week or a fortnight, but this time it's only 4 days as their carer wants them back for Good Friday.

So, today we went to visit the monkey's at
Monkey Forest in Trentham, Staffs. The weather forecast was for rain showers, but it's been a gorgeous day, bright sunshine and lovely and warm. The rain did half heartedly have an attempt, but it was minimal and very short lived and it was while we were still in the car.
The monkeys are Barbary macaques and wander around free, while the visitors are restricted to a pathway, which makes a lovely change from the animals being behind fences!

It was lovely to see the family groups interacting and grooming each other and the younger ones had a lively time swinging up in the trees and chasing each other around the bushes. They had a feeding session with a talk just as we arrived, so it was nice to see them close up and personnel when they came down for some cabbage.

We took a picnic and then the children had a great time playing on the climbing frames, slides, seesaw's etc making the most of the lovely weather. They bought some monkey masks from the gift shop, ... and I might add, the quality is very good, not those horrible thin plastic ones ... and 'monkey'd around' in the car all the way home lol

I don't know what we're doing tomorrow, it depends on the weather, they give it heavy rain, but we'll see what actually turns up lol

I apologise about the quality of the photo's, I forgot to take my camera and had to use my mobile phone instead!


  1. Great pic of your own 'little monkey' it sounds like a nice place to visit.

    Happy Easter xx

  2. Sounds & looks like you all had lots of fun. :0)
    Have a lovely easter break. :0)

  3. What a generous thing for you to do!!!


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