Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sewing Sunday!

Jack's teacher asked me to make some story sacks for his class, as she'd seen the ones I did for his previous teacher. I said I would but would she provide the fabric, as I'd used all my spare material on the first bags. She sent home an enormous amount of canvas, some cording and some sewing cotton, with the request that I do as many as the fabric would allow with some small bags for maths work.

This was the result. Fourteen bags of varying sizes, 3 with out cording as I ran out, and don't have any in my sewing box. The canvas is quite stiff and very messy when cutting etc. I would have preferred to use plain old cotton or poly/cotton, but it's what Katherine provided so I did the best I could.

When I was clearing the table ready to do the sewing, I put the place mats and table cloth in the wash. When I took them out of the machine I realised I'd put in one of the stitched coasters I had and it got a thorough washing!!!! Thank goodness for good old DMC! The colours didn't run or shrink and after drying on the washing line, I put it back together again and it's as good as new apart from a chip on the rim of the plastic.

I was quite relieved as it was one of the 50 small gifts my friend Daph gave me for my 50th birthday and I didn't want to lose it:)

Well it's been a busy day, with the sewing and washing and taking Janine to Shrewsbury to go bowling with her friends, so I'm going for a nice shower and then for an early night I think!

Night Night, God Bless, Sweet Dreams xxx (as I say to my girls every night, even if they ARE 20 and 22 lol)


  1. Lovely job there Lynn. I guess the canvas will be harder wearing, so they'll be worth it. One of the reasons I like DMC: it can take a lot of punishment! LOL :0)

  2. Good old DMC it puts up with anything!!

    Lovely sacks, i hope all the teachers dont send fabric/cord for them LOL


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