Saturday, 25 April 2009

Online again:)

Richard has lent me his old tower so I can get back on line again, while I'm waiting for my comp to be fixed. He's sick of me borrowing his lap top lol I've rang them again today and they say it could be another two weeks, as they haven't received it back from the manufacturer yet!
It's so frustrating how much we rely on these computers these days, I'm at a complete loss with out mine. I do my stash buying online, my grocery shopping online (quite often anyway), music buying online, keeping in touch with my friends online .... it's a wonder we could manage before computers were invented?!!!!

I'll do a quick catch up on my garden pics while I've got the chance as I haven't done any stitching for the last couple of weeks.

this is the blossom from the weeping cherry tree, it was gorgeous this year! I've changed my header picture to another pic of the blossom as I love it so much

this is the new Camelia that I got a couple of weeks ago. It's got a lovely flower that looks like a peony. It only had 3 flowers on it, and they've now fallen off, so I'll have to wait until next spring to see them again lol. I wish they lasted longer! The one below is my 'old' camelia. It took a couple of years to settle and decide to flower, now it's just bursting with them, and lots more buds to open yet :) It's not in the ideal spot, as it's on a north facing wall, but it doesn't seem to mind too much. Just goes to show, you can't always believe what the books tell you ;)

This one is one of the pieris in the same north facing border (sorry the pic is dark, I took it after tea and the light was going) I don't know if it's because of the warm sunny spring we've had so far, but they are really fabulous this year.

I had a lovely suprise in the post last week! Jo sent me a small gift as a thank you for the loan of a needleroll chart and the 'Stitching is Cheaper than Therapy' chart I gave her. It's a lovely pin keep with my initial on it and some lovely pins on the reverse. Isn't it lovely?

Thank you so much Jo :)

Janine isn't having Harry the horse after all! The bloods they took as part of the vetting showed him to have strangles, which is a contageous decease of the glands. He'll be a carrier now and as there is a mare in foal at the stables where Janine was going to home him, she can't have him there. The up shot is, we've been driving around the west of England again looking for another horse! We have found a worthy replacement called Sam in Coventry. He's a 17hh bay gelding and is a really darling. Subject to the vetting ... again... Janine should have him in two weeks time, after we get back from Centre Parcs.

I'm off to read your blogs now and see what you've been up to while I've been computerless :)



  1. Hi Lynn, glad to see you back online :)

  2. Good to see you back again. Gorgeous flowers. Your garden is way ahead of mine - think this town is in a time lag! Gorgeous pinkeep from Jo. Shame about Harry but looks like the Universe has stepped in & provided a better alternative. :0)

  3. Lovely to see you again Lynn

    I think you have been in my garden taking pics!!! my cherry, pieris and camelias are looking just like yours LOL

    Love the header pic, but like the camelia, the cherry doesnt last long in flower.

    Super gift from Jo.


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