Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A flying visit!

My computer is at the repair shop at the moment, so I've managed to get the ex to take pity on me and he has lent me his laptop for the afternoon. :)
My computer took great delight in telling me it's hard drive was about to breakdown and I should back up my files, photo's etc. I thought that was very civilized of it, to let me know before hand so I didn't lose every thing as I usually do when these things go wrong! The young lad in Staples, was very good, but couldn't fix it in the shop so it's been sent back and will take up to 4 weeks (hopefully a lot less!). It's still under guarantee so won't cost any thing this time, thankfully.

The two children went home happy bunny's. We went shopping, the day after Monkey Forest. They were really well behaved. Their carer says they usually run off and they spend all the time looking for them, but I must be more strict, as they were as good as gold! lol ......... or ... it could've been because I said they could choose an Easter egg each at the end if they behaved rofl! We chose some clothes for Jack's 12th birthday, and after dropping the comp off, went and had a McDonald's for lunch, oh how I love having kids to take to McDonald's rofl

As I just mentioned, it was Jack's 12th birthday on Saturday 11th. He went home for the day and got LOADS of clothes and money! I nearly always end up having to sort out his wardrobe and drawers after a birthday or Christmas, as his family always buy him a lot of t/shirts, trousers, jumpers etc.

The Easter week end has been gorgeous weather wise. We've spent most of it in the garden enjoying the lovely warm sunshine. Instead of chocolate the girls bought me a beautiful Camellia bush, it's got a lovely deep pink flower that looks like a peony flower. I've put in a request for a large pot for my birthday next month, so I can plant it in there instead of the garden, so it can sit on the patio and I can see it better :) I'll put up a picture of it when I'm back on my own computer, I don't want to mess about with Richards lap top!

Health wise, I'm still not feeling 100% and am sick to death of it, so I've taken a leaf out of Karan's book and taken myself to see the local herbalist.
She thinks that all the things I've been going through for the last 6 yrs have taken their toll on my adrenal glands, liver and kidneys and they need a good boosting up. The last bloods the GP took did show that my liver count was down, but he didn't do any thing about it. She's given me some disgusting brown liquid to take 3 times a day, which has strange things in it like, artichoke, liquorice, milk vetch, skull cup, schsandra, and mug wort ... sounds like something out of Harry Potter rofl .... luckily I love liquorice so the taste isn't as bad as it could be. She also gave me some complete multivitamin tablets to take twice a day. They're like horse tablets! I started taking these on Saturday, and I must admit to feeling less tired. I haven't fallen asleep during the day but I'm still not sleeping properly at night. She also said that I eat too much wheat, and should change to oats instead .... abix .... rofl couldn't help that bit !! I also don't take in enough calcium. I'm not a cheese/yogurt eater and if I don't have cereal, the only milk I have is in my tea, which isn't quite what I should be having!
We'll see how it goes after the 4 weeks when I go back for a check up.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on line very soon, but in the mean time, look after yourselves and make the most of the lovely weather we're having :)



  1. I love camelias, they are so beautiful, shame they dont flower for longer.
    Hope you are soon feeling a lot better Lynn
    Happy Birthday to Jack.

  2. Hope the comp is sorted quicker than that Lynn. Bribery & corruption - I used that all the time with DS.... it worked wonders. LOL Belated Happy Birthday to Jack, sounds like he had a lovely time. Looking forward to seeing the camellia pics. Hope all goes well with the herbalist treatment. Yup, the med can be powerfully dirty stuff to take - you should try my latest one. Yeeeeuuukkk! LOL :0)


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