Friday, 1 May 2009

Bank Holiday week-end

Well, May bank holiday is here, and after the few days of rain we've been having, it looks like the weather has brightened up abit.

I've been washing for 3 days now! The girls and I are going to Centre parc's in Sherwood Forest, for a short, midweek break and Jack is going to Hope House, so I've had to get all the clothes sorted and cleaned. Not that all of them are dirty, but as Janine tends to throw her clothes on the floor, I can't tell the clean from the dirty, so I have to wash them all !!!
I've been having a serious talk with that girl. She is very messy and lazy when it comes to her bedroom. In the past I've worked on the assumption that she'll get sick of living in a mess and will tidy up/clean up her self, but it's never happened! So, after going into her room this week and spending a whole day clearing it and cleaning it, I've told her that from now on, her room IS NOT out of bounds to me and I'll be going in regularly to clean it, so if there's any thing I shouldn't be seeing she'd better get it put away lol . I actually think it's worked this time, as she's asked for some storage for her shoes/ boots and some where to put her work clothes (which get covered in horse muck, hay, feed etc). We're going into Shrewsbury today and will look for some then :)

My computer is fixed !!! I'll be so glad to get my lovely mini tower back in it's place. This tower that Richard lent me is massive and I just feel uncomfortable sitting next to it, so haven't spent much time on it.... ridiculous I know, but you get used to the way things are don't you?

I had a run out to Bridgemere Garden Centre on Monday, to visit Hobby Craft. I had to get some Gueterman beads and anchor threads for a friend of mine in Australia. Her daughter is getting married in November and she's making her a ring pillow for the occasion but can't get the supplies she needs any where near her, so I said I'd get them for her. I made Kathy a ring pillow for her own wedding last year, but she won't let her daughter borrow it rofl.
While I was there I bought a Peony bush for my back garden. I really shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist it lol . It is a pink cup like flower with curly petals inside it, it's very pretty! I've always wanted a peony and was going to take the red one out of my dad's garden after mam passed away, but it's too deeply rooted and I didn't want to damage it so left it were it was.

We're off shopping now, so I'll get off and pick up my comp :) If I don't get back on before our trip, I hope you have a good bank holiday week end, and enjoying spending time with family and friends :)


  1. Have a wonderful time away Lynn.

    So glad your computer is fixed.

    I remember that gorgeous pillow you stitched, no wonder she wont let it out of her sight LOL

  2. Glad to hear your computer is fixed. Have a great time away Lynn. :0)

  3. Hope you're having a great holiday Lynn. Glad your PC is fixed too.


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