Monday, 25 May 2009

Stitching to show!

Now don't faint!!! lol

I've stitched these for my friend Kathy in Australia, for Christmas. I know I'm early, but I get so bogged down with stuff at the end of the year it's always a rush to get things done and I don't enjoy doing them.

I did the Santa face a couple of months ago, and bought the coat and a set of boots while I was at the Nimble Thimble for the hardhanger week end. They are done on perforated paper, which I'm not enamoured with, but they are worth the effort as they come out lovely. I used sticky backed felt to back them to hide the stitching (it's difficult to be neat when your putting in beads after the stitching) ... well that's my excuse any way rofl

I'm sorry the one is on it's side, I don't know why that is as it's the right way up in the photo album? You'll just have to tilt your head to the left and squint rofl


  1. I love these Mill Hill Ornies & these are gorgeous. Lucky Kathy. :0)

  2. Super little ornies, very effective, a nice gift.

    I've never stitched on paper although i have just remembered i do have a couple of mill hill kits ... somewhere!!!


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