Friday, 29 May 2009

I've been a busy girl

I've been stitching again! Two finishes in one week! unheard of rofl

I bought this kit at the Nimble Thimble on the hardhanger week end. I didn't realise at the time but the whole thing comes already made up, you just have to stitch the centre piece and away you go! It even comes with the cushion to wrap it around, although I think Chris added that herself. The colours match Cindy's bedroom, so she's claimed it lol I was suposed to be starting a wedding sampler for Jack's aunty but got side tracked when I pulled this one out rofl

The girls had a day off today so they took me out for my birthday. They have realy spoilt me this year! They bought me two blue pots for the patio, the one below is with the camilia I potted up when we got home.... and Poppy getting a look in too with her summer hair cut :)

This is one of the two hanging baskets they got me for the back of the house. My friend Jane bought me two for the front, so now I'm complete lol

These gorgeous little mushrooms have wobbly heads that move in the wind. I've admired them at Bridgemere every time we've gone and this time Janine insisted I choose a set. Don't look at the weeds, I haven't had time to pull them up yet!

and this gorgeous wind chime is what Jack got me ;). It's got the most beautiful chimes and sounds so mellow and relaxing.

The girls also made me breakfast and gave me cards, chocs and a new book before taking me out for the day! What with the present I've had earlier this week, I have been well and truly spoilt this year :)

Here are a couple of pics of the rhododendron and the wild geraniums that are coming in to flower now. I picked the geraniums from my dad's garden and they're really blooming this year, I think of him every time I look at them :)


  1. Happy Birthday!
    It's a lovely cushion and your plants are gorgeous.

  2. A perfect Birthday for a very special Mum, lovely pressies, how strange i've bought my mum 2 blue pots nearly the same as that for her birthday next week!

  3. Can't believe I haven't popped by lately! Sounds like you had a lovely Birthday & was deservedly spoilt - lovely gifts Lynn. I love my windchime too - really soothing. Gorgeous flowers. :0)


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