Monday, 1 June 2009

Phew it's warm!

Isn't this lovely weather we're having just now?

I confess it's a tad too warm for me, but I'm not complaining!!! Oh no, not after the summer we had last year lol
The garden is looking gorgeous with the rhodedendrom and the geraniums in full bloom and the rose bushes finally coming in to bud. I was starting to think they'd given up on me, but they're coming along nicely. The clamatis is showing some buds too, although mine is a later flowering one and the potato plant ( I don't know it's 'official' name) has some lovely purple flowers on it. I think my peony bush is dying though :( I'm watering it copeously but the sun seems to have done it's damage and it's looking very limp.

Did you see Britain's got Talent? Wasn't it good? I thought the acts were brilliant and most of them deserved to be in the final. I voted for and was glad that, Diversity won, I thought the choriography was brilliant and the skill of the dancers was just some thing else. I would have liked the saxofinist to come second I thought he had a very real talent, but Ms Doyle had a lovely singing voice I must admit (even though I wasn't one of her fans) As for Holly !! I'm sorry but after her paddy and foot stamping in the semi's, I don't think she should have been in the finals, and if she hadn't been a 'cute little girl' I don't think she'd have been given a second chance.

Talking about 'cute little un's' here's my boy enjoying the sunshine over the half term holiday, now isn't HE a cutey???? although I think 'handsome' would be more appropriate rofl He had a visit to the barber the day before and had all his hair cut off to keep him cool and it's suddenly made him look like a regular 12 yr old even though I still see him as my 'little boy' rofl

No stitching to show this time, it's been too hot and sticky to stitch, but I'll make up for it when it cools down, which should be Wednesday

I'm hoping that it stays dry and no wind as we have booked Cindy's 21st birthday, balloon flight for that morning. This will be the 9th attempt and if we don't get up this time, it will almost be her birthday again!! So keep your fingers and toes crossed for us :)



  1. Jack looks so grown up, "waving to you Jack"

    It's way too warm for me too Lynn, roll on Wednesday, hope all goes well for the balloon flight.

  2. Jack is looking really grown up now. :0)


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