Sunday, 14 June 2009

where does the time go?

It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted, the time has just run away with me!

We've got some lovely weather at the moment and I've been spending time in the garden, tidying up and rearranging the pots, furniture etc as well as the weeding and lawn mowing, which ALWAYS need doing!

I've cleared the 'quiet' corner under the pergola and set up a new patio set I bought which matches the one I already have. The shop have 20% off every thing this week end so I couldn't miss that opportunity lol. I also bought Jack a metal butterfly mobile for in the quiet corner, which he loves. It has a little battery powered motor on the top and it turns the mobile around constantly. It's brilliant for when there's no breeze to do it. :) The wind chimes he bought me for my birthday ;) have been moved there too and the sound is just wonderful. It's a lovely place to sit, out of the sun, to read or stitch the afternoon away.

I'm having a few problems with Jack's feeding at the moment and it seems he's asperating his food (breathing it in to his lungs). If left, it can cause serious life threatening problems, so I've asked the GP for an x/ray to see where the problem is. It may mean Jack having a gastrostomy tube fitted into his tummy and being tube fed :( He really loves eating so it will be a real shame if we have to do down that route :(

The garden is coming along nicely :). As you may remember, I had it dug up and re modeled 3 yrs ago, so it's been a little bare up to now. The right hand border is looking a treat just now, the spring flowers have finished and the shrubs are now in bloom. Most of these I took from my Dad's garden, but the rhododendrom and the twisted hazel (which you can't see but is just to the right, were presents.I've put some plants into pots on the patio and they're looking good too. I especially like the Cape Daisy, I think it's really beautiful, and the hanging baskets are just gorgeous !

My youngest daughter Janine is away this week end at the Download rock Festival in Derbyshire. She's had good weather so far, and is having a whale of a time with her friends. She text me at 00.15 one night to say she was at the fair!! The down side is that she lost her mobile! She used her friends phone to ring me and ask me to block the sim, which I did straight away, then rang back yesterday to say she'd found it again! What do you do with them???? lol

Blogger has, on the odd occation, let me post some comments on your blogs, but it is still not right. I quite often can see the shortened version of your new posts but when I click on them to read the blog all I get is a white blank page ....gggrrrr! I have noticed that Julie hasn't been posting and I hope she's ok. She mentioned not feeling very well, so Julie, If you read this, I hope your feeling better soon, big (((hugs))))

As a quick PS I must just mention that I had another visit to the herbalist last week and she's very pleased with my progress, as am I :). I'm feeling soooo much better, more like my old self again. I have more energy and enthusiasm, I'm sleeping much better (although I'm still snoring! rofl), and I feel much more possitive. So thank you Karan for your postings about your visits, as I wouldn't have thought to visit Therese if I hadn't read about your progress after visitting your herbalist.



  1. Yes, i'm reading this, thank you for thinking of me, i'm doing ok, just doing it a bit more slowly these days.

    I'm sorry to read Jack is having problems, i hope they can be sorted quickly.

    Your garden looks great.

    Daughters ... i have one too, there's never a dull moment LOL

  2. Sorry to hear that Jack is having problems - so hope it's an easy fix, rather than needing a tube fitted. Sending healing vibes (((((((((hugs))))))))).
    Gorgeous garden & I am so envious - love your quiet corner.... & had my eye on those Cape Daisies too.
    Looks like the festival chose the right weekend - glorious sun. I've got the burn to prove it! LOL
    So glad you've gained such benefits from seeing a herbalist Lynn. :0)


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