Thursday, 29 October 2009

outcomes !!

well I finally had a meeting with the two senior fostering managers.

They came to my home at 6pm one evening, my manager (a man!!) was 20 mins late and the first thing he said was that he'd be leaving at 7.30 to pick his daughter up from the train station! That set us off to a good start don't you think? The previous night, they'd been to a meeting with a parent until 10pm but I obviously wasn't going to get that amount of time!
I introduced them to Jack, who, bless him, was having a real good thrash around on his bed/playpen. He really showed them how mobile and energetic he was lol . Then we sat down and I geared myself up for a good fight to get what I wanted. What a let down !! He said yes to every thing with out an argument !! lol
He said that there was no way I would be expected to be means tested for the down payment on the motorbility car, as Jack wasn't my child and it was their responsibility to provide every thing I need to make looking after Jack easier ........ so why were the social workers not saying the same thing to me???
He said yes to the nursing care once a week, with the option of it increasing as time goes by .
He said yes to them providing the £500 for a special wheelchair swing for in the garden.
I felt really rather deflated!! I'd geared my self up to having a right good argument and it didn't happen lol

Mind you, it's been a couple of weeks since the meeting and nothing has come of these promises yet, so I don't know why I felt happier? I might still have a fight on my hands.

The lady from the private fostering agency came the night before this meeting so I had a good idea of my worth :) She was very positive about my experience and said she would recommend me for their agency. I just have to wait for their managing team to finalise it and then I can decide finally, which way I'll go.

On the stitching front, I haven't done any thing really, but I did get around to doing the making up on this little ornament, I really love this one. It was going to go to my friend Kathy in Aus, with the santa's, but I've decided to keep it myself lol

Jack has had a trip to the doctors with a 'rattly' chest this week, but it's not any thing to worry about, no infection, so he got his flu jab while he was there.
I've had another gum infection and am on more antibiotics from the dentist. I don't know what's happening with my gums lately. I clean my teeth twice a day use inter dental brushes and use mouth wash too, so I don't know where it's coming from. I've a feeling I'll end up with having a couple of teeth out if it carries on ! It's been an on going problem for the past 15 yrs, with teeth working loose then having to be taken out with no decease or infection, it's so frustrating!

My sister's daughter had her babies on Wednesday. She had Twins, a boy, Thomas (after my dad) weighing in at 7lbs 3oz and a girl, Rose at 5lbs 13oz .... good weights for twins!!! ..... and so the next generation is starting!

I bought myself a couple of miniature roses a couple of weeks ago, they were red and pink. The pink one was a lovely colour, but when the new buds came through, they turned out orange! How strange is that? I had four flowers two pink and two orange on the same bush! rofl



  1. What a lovely blog post - lots of good news no wonder you feel good. I'm so pleased things are moving on. Your stitching is fab, I think I'd keep it too - and welcome to the twins :)

  2. Love the ornie, no wonder you decided to keep it.

    Congrats to the family on the new arrivals, great birth weights.

    Fingers crossed this 'gentleman' and i use that term very loosely carries out all his promises for you and Jack

    No idea about the rose but i bet it looks nice!

  3. sounds like good news long as they come up with the goods so to speak! Lovely ornament - I would have kept it too

  4. Sounds like good news, hope all you need transpires.

    Love your orni.

  5. Will keep everything crossed that those promises are followed through on. hope you let them know you've been talking to a private agency - should make them buck their ideas up. ;0)
    Glad Jack is doing well & Congratulations on the new family additions. :0)
    That is one seriously gorgeous ornie.... do not blame you for hanging on to it. :0)
    Have you thought about talking to your Herbalist about your teeth problem? She may be able to suggest something to help.


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