Thursday, 1 October 2009

October already!

I just don't know where the time has gone this last month!

I haven't felt like blogging this last month as it's been quite a stressful month, and my mam always said "If you've nothing good to say, then don't say anything" and I've definitely not had any thing good to say for the last few weeks!

No! ... I tell a lie, I have some thing nice to tell you about lol . I had a tidy up in my craft corner, (well, it's supposed to be a corner, but it had spilled out into half the room, hence the tidy up lol ) anyway, I ended up with some things that I thought were too good/useful to throw away but I didn't want them, mostly card making things, which I'm not doing so much of this last year. I sent them to Karan hoping she could use them. Thankfully, she liked them, and she very kindly sent me a thank you card .... hand made of course .. and a really cute little stitched owl because we both share a love of these gorgeous birds.


The second 'nice' thing is that Janine has got herself another horse. She decided to plunge straight back into it and is now the proud owner of Dillon, a 6.2hh Irish Draft/Draught ... I'm not sure which spelling it is rofl . He is such a sweetie, and gives Janine kisses :-). He is however, quite strong, and this week, he poked his head out of the stables and lifted the frame off it's hinges, when he lifted his head up!!! Janine is going to put some mesh over the open bit, so he can't stick his head through again lol

The third 'nice thing' is that it was Cindy's 22nd birthday on the 22nd of this month, and we managed to get a nurse and carer in to look after Jack for 3 hrs so we could go out for a family meal. We had a lovely time, very relaxed and happy, then the girls went off in to town to meet up with friends and continue with the night, while I went home to relieve the ladies. The ex and I went half's on a reconditioned lap top for Cindy, which is the only thing she wanted, so she was a very happy little bunny :)

The reason I'm 'ticked off' is STILL the same ... lack of support and understanding from the fostering department!!

I've been asking for some nursing/carer help for a couple of years now and nothing is happening. It's all about who has to pay for it!! Also since Feb, I've been wanting to get a different wheel chair accessible car, because the VW Transporter's steep ramp is getting too hard to use now Jack's getting bigger and I'm getting older! Rather than buy a second hand one for £7000 +, I'm prepared to go down the Motorbility route and lose the £40 + per week part of the DLA that Jack receives. but because the car would need to be adapted for a wheelchair, they require a non refundable down payment of £4, 475, which I can't afford to pay obviously. I have already paid out to buy the VW in the first place because I was told they would't pay any thing and I desperately needed it to take Jack to his hosp appointments etc. As Jack is looked after by the local authority I think it is down to them to pay the deposit, after all he is 'their' child, but they're insisting that I apply for a grant and be means tested so they will only have to pay the £200 min contribution! I'm really not happy about that. I'm waiting for the two service managers to come and visit as a result of the letter I wrote last month, (it will be 9 weeks by the time they come.. prompt don't you think?) I tried 3 times phoning my head manager to ask him about this motorbility grant situation and left 2 messages, but he only got his under manager to ring me and as I'd named her in my letter of complaint, she was not accommodating and said if I didn't like her decision to talk to the manager ..... which is who I was trying to talk to in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!
This is just one part of a long list of 'moans' I have about their treatment of me, and not only does it effect me emotionally, it's having an adverse effect on my whole life, because of the constant phone calls etc. If I didn't love Jack so much, I'd tell them to stuff every thing and they'd have to put him in to residential care which would cost over £4000 a week instead of the measly £177 they pay me for Jack's care !!!

and ... to top it all off, I didn't receive my exchange in the Mail Art exchange that I took part in on the Stitch and Stash Forum :(. Every one else receive a beautifully made envelope, but me, I'm just so disappointed :(. I thought about taking part in the christmas one, hoping that I'd get one back, but I've so much to get through before Christmas, I know I won't have time to stitch one.

As you can imagine, with all this going on, there is no stitching getting done, so I don't have any thing to share with you on the stitching front unfortunately :(



  1. Oh Lynn they really are being b's about this & are using your love of Jack to manipulate you into accepting the situation. If they won't help you with a new car then start charging taxi's to them. Would your GP give you a letter to say that having to use the ramp & the stress of this situation (that they are causing) is detrimental to your health (or similar)? They really need reminding that they are supposed to be there to support fosterer's like you! Sending lots of positive vibes & (((((((((hugs))))))))) your way Lynn.
    Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to Cindy. Sounds like you had a good time. Look forward to seeing pics of Dillon.... when Blogger allows. :0)

  2. Sorry to hear that you are still not getting anywhere with the fostering authorities and you must be so disappointed about the mailart. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Dillon when Blogger allows. "See" you on FarmTown!!

  3. Oh no Lynn, this surely cant be still going on, and there was me thinking you were out and about enjoying your new moded of transport and not had time to blog!

    I'm so sorry you didnt receive in the exchange, i do hope a replacement is on its way to you, i always panic when i send any exch out in case it doesnt arrive.

    Belated birthday wishes to Cindy, so glad you were able to enjoy some time with the girls and a meal out to celebrate.

    Looking forward to seeing Dillon.


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