Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Owl's, horses and santa's ...

I've finally managed to get some photo's to down load on to blogger, so here are the pictures I was trying to show in my last post.

The lovely card and owl from Karan, along side just some of my owl ornaments.

Dillon, Janine's new horse is next, I didn't manage to take the photo directly side on, so he looks a bit small on the back end, but he isn't IRL , honest lol. In this photo, Janine had been riding him and the girdle got a bit loose, so she stopped to adjust it and Dillon went straight in to 'relax' mode with his back hoof raised and resting. He's such a sweet natured lad :-).
Just to give you an idea of his height, I'm 5'7" and when I'm standing next to him, my face is level with his mouth !! Needless to say, I don't get too close unless he's the other side of the stable door rofl

This final picture is of the Mill Hill Beads Kits, called Santa's Wardrobe. I have just finished doing the boots. These are for my friend Kathy in Sth Australia. She does some fabulous beaded ornaments and doilies, so I thought I'd try these for her as a change from the usual stitching I do They are lovely and bright IRL.

On the fostering front:- I've contacted a national private fostering agency, and they are sending one of their workers out to see me next week, for a good chat and to see if they can offer me a better support package ...... well, lets face it, any thing they offer will be better than what I'm getting now !!! So as the saying goes ....... "watch this space" !



  1. WOW Dillon looks a beauty.

    Love the mill hill santa, i have a couple of mill hill bead kits 'somewhere' LOL

    Good Luck with the PFA, hope they are of great help to you.

  2. Love all those owl ornies - & he looks right at home there. LOL. Dillon is a handsome horse & looks gentle too. Bet you friend will be delighted with her ornies, they look lovely. :0)
    Best of Luck with the PFA. Fingers crossed they can provide everything you're not currently getting from this lot (((((((((hugs))))))))).


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