Saturday, 25 July 2009

another week has gone by ...

... I don't know where the time has gone?

Jack is on school holidays for the next 6 weeks so I'll be kept quite busy :)

The weather has been very disappointing for the start of the school holidays, we've had rain for every single day of the past two weeks, except for 2 days. Such a shame for the children. It hasn't been cold though so that's one small mercy I suppose. My next door neighbours have gone to New Zealand for 3 weeks and asked me to water their garden, but I haven't had to do it yet, lol . I do go and water the tomato plants in the green house, and managed to pick some peas and cherry's before the birds got to them. I've frozen the peas down and put them in Jason's freezer because even though he told me to eat what ever grew, my girls didn't like the fresh peas .... not birds eye enough for them rofl
My garden is looking quite nice, even though it's been a struggle to get out and do any work with all the rain we've had.

this is a tobacco plant that I was given free at a garden centre, and although he said it would have lovely hanging flowers, he also said they'd be colourful, but he got that wrong, they're a pale yellow and not inspiring, but very eye catching all the same.
the quiet corner is coming along nicely with the budlea and the climbing rose in bloom
The back border is still a little 'thin' but when the shrubs grow a bit more they will fill out and look less 'new' lol
the wisteria is grown nicely up and over the shed, but still hasn't bloomed, it's 3 yrs old, so hopefully next year it might?
the roses have been blown away and the new buds are still to open so this side is looking a bit colourless, but the mombretia is starting to come in to bloom now :) the begonia in the pot was tiny when I got it and I never thought it would fill out like this, it's lovely.

I haven't had much time to do any stitching lately, so still no pictures to show, but I am coming along with the Coq Au Pins, and hopefully, I'll get that finished and made up soon. I'm not expecting to get much done until the children go back because I've got Adam and Stacey coming for a fortnight next week end, and there's no way I'll get any stitching done while they're here.

I'm off 'up north' tomorrow for a couple of days, to visit my brother and sister. I promised my Mam I'd keep an eye on Barry and this is what the trip is in aid of rofl Cindy is coming to keep me company and we're going to meet up with Jacqui and her daughter and granddaughter on Tuesday, which will be nice for Cindy as Kate is a similar age and she won't have to listen to me and Jacqui talking :) rofl

I must point you in the direction of this blog. She has some gorgeous recipe's and I tried Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken yesterday ..... it was yummy !! Although I would recommend using some tin foil in the bottom of the pan as the sugar burnt onto mine and took A LOT of soaking and scrubbing to get off rofl.



  1. Your garden looks beautiful despite the rotten rain we've been having.
    Enjoy your time with Jacqui and your family.
    Thanks for the link to the food blog, will have a good browse through that.

  2. Think you can come & design my garden - yours looks beautiful. :0)


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