Thursday, 9 July 2009

It's been quite a while since I last posted. I'm afraid I've been busy pottering about in the garden, and not spending so much time on the computer.
It's lovely being able to spend time in the garden, not just 'working' but sitting and enjoying the summer is so nice :). I must confess to not liking the hot weather we had for the week a short while ago, it was just too much for me. I couldn't sit in it, and I couldn't sleep because it was still so warm at night, so I just closed the curtains, turned on the fans, and stayed in doors for that week rofl . I know, there's no pleasing me lol. The problem is, my garden is south facing, so gets the sun from early morning until sunset and it's a real suntrap ..... lovely in the winter but when the temp gets above 23c, I have to find shade very quickly. The actual temp on my patio, when the met office was saying it was 26c, was nearer 36c!!!!

However, it is lovely to see the garden in full bloom and to benefit from all the 'pottering' I've been doing. I waited for months for my mams rose bush to flower, it's called Twice in a Blue Moon and is a gorgeous lilac. As soon as the flowers came out, the weather changed, the rain came down and the wind got up, resulting in all the rose petals going flying over the garden and not one rose left in tact ..... rofl .... who'd be a gardener !

On the stitching front, I've made a small piece for Jack's aunty Nic, who got married in Italy two weeks ago, and is having the wedding reception in Telford on Saturday, to which Jack and I are invited. Well, Jack's invited, I'm just going along to push him, because he couldn't get there any other way rofl I took the center piece from the Sweetheart Tree Anniversary Sampler and just framed it in a silver frame. I hope they like it. They didn't want gifts as they've lived together for 18 yrs (!!) but I'm sure this is some thing they won't have :)

I have got the appointment through for Jack to have the xray on his throat, while he's swallowing his food and drink. It's for next Tuesday. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but I'm sure they're used to dealing with special children like Jack, and will know just what they're doing. I'm really hoping that he doesn't have to have a gastrostomy peg fitted, he loves his food and it's one of the only pleasures he has, so to take that away from him is going to be very hard :(


My friend Jan was late in sending me my birthday gift. I wasn't bothered by that as it spreads the gifts out a bit lol . She has made the most stunning Etui in ribbon embroidery! The reason it was late is because she was nervouse of making it up and needed some time to concentrate. She has recently had an operation on her ear so the recouperation time was just what she needed. I think she's made a fabulous job :) :) . The only problem is that now she has upped the anti for my next gift to her rofl



  1. Hi Lynn

    Your blog is always a lovely read... I was just wondering where you got your 'Twice in a Blue Moon' rose from as I have been trying to get a 'Blue Moon' rose in memory of my mum but can't get one anyhwhere.

    Thanks and hugs

    Love Lynn

  2. Blue Moon looks gorgeous, shame about the weather spoiling it.
    I dont do heat either, we are south facing too, the curtains stay shut all summer here!
    Auntys wedding piece is gorgeous, hope you both have a fun time at the weekend and that all goes well for Jack at the hospital.
    Love the etui, i have one of those kits somewhere in my stash. How about you making her the 15 sided biscoru?

  3. Your roses are beautiful. A gorgeous gift of the etui. The gift for Jack's aunt is lovely too, a special gift for them to treasure.

  4. Catching up & can't believe it's been so long since my last visit!
    Your garden is beautiful. Pretty wedding gift & the gift from your friend is stunning - lucky lady! :0)


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