Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Rant !!

This post is not about stitching so if you don't want to listen to me moaning about my family please turn away now .... lol

I some times wonder if my sister is actually any relation to me at all. She's so selfish and spiteful!!!

I went up home for 4 days this week, to see my brother Barry and sister Karen and to see mam and dad's bungalow before it gets sold. The one and only time I can get a full week of respite from Jack. When I told my sister I was going up to Shields to see them, she said she had her 'man friend' staying for a few days and could I put it off for a couple of weeks! She knows full well that I have to book the respite in November , for the coming year, and I couldn't just change it at the last minute..... gggrrrr!!! I'd booked Cindy and myself in to the Travel Lodge so there was no problem with accommodation thankfully. In all the years I've been going back home, Karen has NEVER put us up, even though we'd have to sleep on my parents sofa and floor, so I had no expectations of her letting us sleep at her house this time.
My brother Barry, a confirmed bachelor, on the other hand, made us very welcome and cooked us two lovely evening meals. Karen managed to spare us one hour when she came with my niece, after work to Barry's flat. Even then, when I laughed at my niece for still wearing a thong when she's 6 months pregnant with twins, Karen managed to make a nasty remark back at me.

While I was up there, I wanted to see the bungalow, one last time, and say my good byes as I haven't seen it since Mam died when all her furniture was still in it. I wasn't very happy about the state of it. My niece and her partner, rented it over the winter months, but moved out in April and it's been empty since. The paintwork was dirty, the windows were dirty, the work tops were stained and the gas cooker was FILTHY. As for the garden, my dad's pride and joy, it was over grown and full of weeds. I'd said to my sister that I'd pay for mam's gardener to go back in on a regular basis to keep it clean and tidy so it looked good for the viewers, but Karen said she would do it. Well she obviously hasn't touched it in months !
Rather than have a confrontation about it, I contacted the gardener and arranged payment and for him to go in once a fortnight and keep it looking nice. I gave the neighbour a key so he could let the gardener in the back garden through the gate and then lock it up after he'd gone. Then Cindy and I cleaned the bungalow, put air fresheners in the rooms and left it smelling and looking clean and tidy. When I told Karen what I'd done about the garden (I didn't mention the house being dirty), she was really horrible and among other things said I was 'petty'!!
I haven't asked her to pay for it, not like the time she bought the electric hedge trimmer and strimmer when my niece was in the bungalow and THEN told me and Barry about it and that we were paying a third each! Atleast with the gardens tidy it will give the bungalow a better 'kerb' appeal , not to mention that it was my dad's pride and joy and I want it kept nice in his memory and my mam would be horrified if she thought people were looking around her house and seeing it dirty.
I think that because Karen's dealing with the estate agent, as I don't live locally, she thinks that she's got total say on what goes on and I should ask her permission to do any thing. I'm just so mad at her at the moment, and when the bungalow gets sold, I honestly don't think I'll have any thing to do with her any more.

I'm sorry to have this moan, but I just felt like I had to vent it some how and this is less explosive than me shouting around the house rofl.


  1. ((hugs)) Lynn and you rant away - one of the benefits of cyber space is we can shout as loud as we want and people chose to hear or not so we can't offend LOL

    Families are weird things, something we can't alter but have to have. I think you were right to do those things, for yourself and for your mam and dad. I would imagine your sister was cross as a defence thing - not that its excusable.

    Breathe deep and slow and get some me time, sending positive vibes :)

  2. {{hugest of hugs}}
    Whats that saying 'friends are the family we choose for ourselves'
    You're a wonderful lady Lynn and a fabulous mum to your children, there are some folks that just thrive on negativity, rise above it and know that you have a wonderful and happy life and your mum and dad would be so proud of the wonderful person that you are. I would have had to clean the bungalow too and make the garden look nice and tidy out of my love and repsect for my parents. xxxxx

  3. She sounds insecure and jealous to me. I think she is the one with the problem, not you so go and have a cup of tea and relax.
    I have an aunt like that...she has four other siblings but the whole world goes around her. Stuff her lol.
    Despite the agro I hope you got a chance to say goodbye in a nice peaceful manner.

  4. There are givers & takers in this world & she's definitely a taker.... & guilt makes people like her lash out. Just like my SIL, the cross my DBro has to bear (his words). Carry on being the loving & giving person you are Lynn & leave her to reap all of that bad Karma she's created for herself. Sending (((((((((hugs))))))))) in case you need them.

  5. Lynn, some families are best forgotten about - my brother lives on the same street as me and I haven't seen hide nor hair of him for the best part of 3 years; I had to take legal action just to get a few mementoes from my mum's estate and didn't see a penny of the money she left. Do what I intend to do and move on from that part of your life (i.e. your sister) just as soon as is practically possible; it will be her loss, not yours. Love and hugs, Ally (Glasgow) xxx


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