Sunday, 26 July 2009

I forgot to mention ..

... I received another fostering award last week. I've been fostering for 16+ years and at the awards ceremony that they hold every 2 yrs I got my 15yrs award of a gorgeous Coleport China figuring called 'Moments'. It matches the ones I got for 5yrs and 10 yrs and sits on my mantle piece.


sisters (for 10 yrs ) and sleepy head (for 5yrs)

They don't have any more of these left, so I wonder what I'll get for 20 yrs? ... If I'm still fostering lol


  1. They are gorgeous and so lovely.

  2. very much deserved, I think foster carers do a tremendous job!

  3. Beautiful Lynn and definately deserved, you do a fantastic job.

  4. Gorgeous ornaments and so well deserved. Your garden is looking wonderful despite the awful weather we are having.

  5. What lovely figurines & a lovely thank you/keepsake. :0)


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