Friday, 17 July 2009

It's been a busy time this last week :)

On Saturday I took Jack to his aunty Nic's wedding reception. As I mentioned before, they got married a couple of weeks ago in Italy and were having the reception for the family on Saturday. It was a lovely day! Every one made us very welcome and made a big fuss of Jack. His dad and partner and their two little girls, stayed with Jack and I the whole time and I never once felt out of place :) We sat at table 1 and the staff were fantastic with Jack, and couldn't do enough to make sure he had the right food and enough of it. He actually had two dinners lol. They brought out the children's 'mains' with the adults starters so they didn't have to wait too long, but Jack's blended dinner looked like soup and I thought that was what it was rofl I asked for a second one when I got my main course and it came back much thicker and it went down much better :) They included Jack in the photographs and even made me join in with a couple. I managed to get some nice one's for Jack's bedroom, of his dad, sisters, grandparents etc.

grandad and gran
Daddy, Jay, Lilly and Zoe

The handsome young man, before we left for the reception :)

The happy couple loved the stitched piece I did for them, and after they'd had a look it got passed around several tables and was much admired :) ... I was lucky, there wasn't any stitchers there so they all thought it was amazing because they didn't know any better rofl

On Monday I took Jack to see Dr Hulme his epilepsy consultant. She was very happy with him, but decided to increase his evening medication to see if we can stop the morning seizures. It took a couple of days, but it seems to be improving slightly. He had one as he was coming out of the taxi after school and the driver was very upset to see Jack's seizures in full swing :(

On Tuesday I had to take Jack to the xray department to have his fluoroscopy xray. He had to have two different drinks, different thickness's, and with the barium mixed in, so they could see how he swallowed and what happened in his throat. He was very calm and relaxed and behaved beautifully, but it wasn't what I wanted lol. I would've liked him to be more active and 'difficult' so they could see how he copes then, but it wasn't to be. Even though he was very calm, he still 'seeped' the fluid in to his airways, but managed to get it back into the correct tube as he swallowed. So the result is, he's got to have all his food and drinks very thick, and they'll check him again in a few months as he grows and his throat changes. He doesn't need a gastrostomy tube just yet :) :) :)

On Wednesday I had my own appointment with the breast cancer specialist. I passed with flying colours and next year will be the final one :) It won't be the last check up though, as I took part in a radiology trial and will be checked every year for 10 yrs :) I can't believe it will be 5 yrs in December since I found the lump !

Thursday saw me in the hairdressers having my hair done, and the hairdresser decided that I should go mad and have a bit of colour in my fringe! So now I've got a subtle PURPLE through it! lol

and finally .... Today my link social worker came for my supervision meeting and brought me my 15+ yrs award for fostering. I couldn't go to the award ceremony so she brought it to me. I've got a framed certificate and a beautiful Coleport figurine of a mother and child in white to match the two I got previously. A little boy with a teddy for 5yrs and two sisters for 10 yrs . I've been fostering over 16yrs and hope to keep going with Jack for atleast another 5yrs so I should make my 20yr award :) :)



  1. Well .. this post is certainly full of prety/handsome folks, love the new hairdo, i had plum coloured hair once! Doesn't Jack look so smart.

    Good news from the hospital for you both, thats fantastic

    Well done on the award. x

  2. What fantastic pictures of you all :)
    Congratulations on your award and I love your hair colour...
    have a fab weekend!!
    Hugs xx

  3. Sounds like a great 'do' and such lovely photos. The hair is very 'you'

  4. He does look handsome in his smart outfit. Sounds like you both had a lovely time. :0) Hope the meds change works, Bless him. Great news from both your appointments too. :0)
    WTG on the award. :0)


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