Monday, 9 February 2009

From 28c to -5 bbrrrr!

It was a shock to the system to leave Gran Canaria in 25c and then to arrive in Manchester - over 2 hrs late - to find it -5 in the early hours of Sunday morning, I can tell you!!! Richard, the Ex, had instructions to collect us with several big coats at the ready so we could wrap up warm on the journey home rofl.

The holiday was wonderful! We stayed here at the Dunas Suites and Villas, in Maspalomas in the south of Gran Canaria, and it was gorgeous. The whole complex was spotless and spacious, the staff were very friendly and helpful, the food was gorgeous, the beach and dunes were 10 mins away and the weather was between 25c and 30c .... heaven on earth!
I must confess to being very concerned when we first arrived and started the tour of all the hotels, dropping people off. The east of the island is very built up and commercialised and I was worried about what I'd brought the girls to, as we don't like 'busy' complex's, but the south of the island was much better. The hotels in our area (3 of them) were single storey complex's with hundres of palm trees and cacti plants about, and plenty of land between them making it very nice. Our complex had 'villas' grouped in 4's so you didn't see your neighbours patio and you felt as if you were the only ones about :) ..... until you got to one of the pools ofcourse, but even then, there wasn't that many people as it is the low season and not a school holiday.

our 'home'

our pool, viewed from our patio

Maspalomas dunes and beach (to the right) viewed from the path from our hotel .

I took some stitching and reading with me. I made a good start on the Shephards Bush 'A Mothers Love' needle roll, and read Folly by Alan Titchmarsh. The book took a bit of getting in to, but very enjoyable. I also re-read two books of the Chronicles of Narnia that I'd taken for the girls to read lol. I was really amazed that they actualy did some reading! Infact Cindy amazed me most, by taking a book with her where ever we went, and I've even got it on film rofl.


coaches back from trips

every night in the villa

We did a couple of trips out and on the last day, the girls went horse riding for 3 hrs up in to the hills and down on to a beach. They loved it! but came back walking like John Wayne rofl

I was very stupid and left my blood pressure tablets and anti-depresants behind! It was a long way to the nearest chemist so I did with out! I felt great and had no side effects all week except on the way home. Having to wait for the extra 2+ hours at the airport had my left foot swelling up, but it's back to normal now I'm home and have started taking the blood pressure tablets again. Now that I've done with out the anti-depresants for a week, I'm going to stay off them, as the sun and warmth did a much better job at making me feel better rofl. The doc said that I would get the optimum benefit from them after 6 weeks and I've been on them for 5 weeks so that's good enough for me :)

It's back to the grind stone now! Loads of washing to get through :(. Jack will be home tonight after school and the girls are back at work today so it's back to the usual routine for us all.... roll on the next holiday lol


  1. It looks a lovely place, and seems to have done you all the world of good. You could have brought us some of that holiday sunshine back!!!

    I've just read Folly too, not one of his best books i didnt think although i too enjoyed it when i worked out who belonged to who LOL

  2. looks like a fab place Lynn, glad to hear you are feeling relaxed and more positive :0)


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