Friday, 20 February 2009


I've never been soooo glad to see Fridays as I am today!

The two extra foster children left this morning, and I'm exhausted!!! It's all my own fault of course lol. They were only here 4 days and I packed in as much as I could for them, forgetting that I'm coming up 54 not 24 and I can't do what I used to, with out suffering the consequences for days after!!

One Tuesday we spent 4 hours at Boogles Barn The children ran amok, had tea and a go on the go-carts, then ran amok again rofl. After their bath they fell asleep almost immediately absolutely shattered rofl.

Wednesday we had to go to the wheelchair clinic for Jack's new chair.... waste of time! The new moulded seat doesn't fit properly! the broken brakes got fixed, then broke again the next day! The headrest was so narrow it rolled his ears into sausages! and the chest strap had buckles which isn't any good for Jack as he drops his head onto his chest and the buckles mark/bruise his cheeks and chin!
all in all, a complete waste of their time and mine. Another appointment has been made, so we'll see what they come up with next month!
The children were very well behaved, so we had our lunch at McDonald's as a treat :)

Thursday was Chester Zoo day! OMG I'd forgotten how many miles you have to walk to get around this place .... and pushing Jack in a wheelchair too !! My feet were (and still are) twice their size and hurting like mad, but the kids LOVED IT, and that's all that matters rofl. We had lunch there and they each got a giant helium balloon to take home. They fell asleep in the car they were that worn out ... bless 'em.
The young lad spoilt almost a perfect day at tea time though. Twice I said that as we'd had a cooked meal at the zoo, I was doing soup and sandwiches for tea, but he waited until I put it in front of him before deciding he didn't want soup. I will normally cater for likes and dislikes of foster children, given notice, but to wait until it was put in front of him was a no no! He had a paddy and tears and a sulk, but he ate it in the end! It was home made, not like I'd opened a tin and his sister said it was delicious, so I stuck to my guns, said he could sit there until bed time, but he was eating it ... I'm wicked I know, but my pet hate is fussy eaters, and it's not like he's thin and wasting away, as he gets away with this all the time at home. Any way, he didn't choke, vomit or die, so it can't have been that bad! rofl

This morning, after the children left, the repair man came to replace the brake system on Jack's chair, so he's got a mechanical tilting 'thing' now, instead of the hydraulics, and APPARENTLY this one won't brake ...we'll see!

On the stitching front, now the children have gone, I'm getting out the Shepherds Bush 'Mother's Love' needle roll that I'd made a start on. Here is the WIP so far. I'm hoping to get it finished this week, meetings, appointments etc permitting!



  1. I love the needleroll, its so beautiful. You have so much love to give round i am awarding you a 'GOLD MEDAL' the kids are so lucky to have someone like you to come and stay with. Good for sticking to your guns with the soup, i still make my DS eat sprouts and he's 24!!!!!

  2. You are one special lady Lynn, I'd love to have a spare room in the house so I could foster, I miss having little ones around the house as my youngest is 11 now. Maybe in the future, who knows?
    The needleroll is looking lovely, how spooky that you're stitching this and I just posted a request for it on my blog today! you're kind offer is so thoughtful, please let me know of any charts you're wishing for :)

  3. Bless you for taking in these children and giving them so much love, attention, and instruction. You are a real inspiration. Your stitching is very pretty.

  4. Wow, woman - am exhausted reading all that! LOL Hopefully the lad will have learnt a lesson there.
    Gorgeous needleroll. :0)


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