Tuesday, 24 February 2009

pancake day :)

Today is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day and we've had traditional pancakes for tea .... mmmmmm yummy!
As my girls just love pancakes, and don't like having them for desert, because they think they're missing out by only having one! lol I usualy stand at the cooker, making them one after the other as the girls (and b/f's) keep coming back for more until they've had their fill. They usualy have about three each and I'm lucky if I get one, but today I made two bowls of mixture and made sure I got three lol ... greedy or what? lol

Talking of food, have you tried the new Walkers Crisps flavours? Today I got Onion Bahji, Chilly and Chocolate and Cajun Squirel
... they're are certainly different! The girls liked the chilly chocolate but not so fussy on the other two, but I only liked the onion bahji. What happened to just plain ready salted crisps? Or those with the little blue bag in? I used to love those when I was younger lol

.... can you tell I've started a diet and can only think of food at the moment rofl !



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  2. We enjoyed our pancakes last night, only one and a half each.

    I too made sure i had 3 pancakes this year as i always miss
    out and all the mix is gone. Not tried the new flavoured crisps, how could i possibly eat
    squirrel, they come into my garden!!


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