Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A lovely day :)

Today has been a busy day, but with some lovely moments :)

I had an unexpected visitor turn up just before lunch. I opened the door to a man standing there with a motor bike helmet on, saying 'hello'! I peered into the eyes, as that's all I could see and was just thinking 'I know those eyes' when he said 'it's Martin!'. He is a friend of ours from waaay back and used to work with the ex. We haven't seen him for about 6 yrs, so it was really lovely to have him turn up out of the blue. I made him a cuppa and we had a lovely chat for about an hour before I managed to get the ex on the phone and he came around. Richard then spent 45 mins with him while I made cups of tea for my cross stitch ladies who'd arrived in the middle of all this and had been left to sort them selves out!

After Martin had left I was telling the ladies about the Edinburgh Tattoo trip advertised in our local paper.

I wanted to go on it, but both girls said no! They are usualy very good and take pity on their poor mother when Jack goes on respite and I want to go out some where ie cinema, meal, shopping etc., but this time they put their foot down and said no way! Irene, one of our ladies listened for a while then said she'd like to go on it, and would go with me! How fantastic is that? So we're booking two seats and we're off to Edinburgh in August .... yeah!!!

And to finish off a lovely afternoon, I managed to get all the stitching finished and get the beading and pulled threads done on the needle roll. So it's just the making up to do now, which won't take long then I'll have a HD at last! ..... watch this space!!

Remember I mentioned that my foot had swollen up at the end of the holiday? Well it's still swollen and painfull. I mentioned it to the doc thinking it was because I'd forgotten my blood pressure tablets,(it did go down once I'd started taking them again) but he said it wouldn't do that. After looking at it, pressing it and making it hurt like mad, he tells me he thinks it's a DVT .... blood clot! So I've got to wait to see if the hospital want to do an xray on it (he thinks they might not because it's passed the danger period for blood clots!) So .... here we go again, just as I think my body is going to behave it's self and not go wrong again, it throws a curve ball!
On the bright side .... this will be the 7th year of problems and they do say that things go around in a 7 yr cycle!!! ..... I'm hoping!! One things for sure, I'm not going to let this get me down again, I'm on the 'up' and I'm staying on the up !!!!


  1. What a nice surprise for you & glad you found someone to go with you to Edinburgh. Great to read such a happy & positive post - you go girl! LOL :0)
    The needleroll is lovely - very pretty piece. :0)

  2. How lovely to have a surprise visitor. Edinburgh will be such fun for you both.

    The needelroll is super, looking forward to seeing it made up.

    The chair is going to be started this weekend...i have given myself a good talking too!!!

  3. what a lovely surprise for you, sounds like you had a wonderful day,
    you will love the Edinburgh tatoo, I went 3yrs ago and it was fantastic, totally out of this world
    DH took my parents and our kids 2 yr ago but I was ill so couldn't go. I'm hoping we get tickets this year, DH sometimes get's the chance of tickets through his work, and they're a little cheaper. but it's luck of the draw as they are limited
    The centre of Edinburgh is only about 40 mins away from our house so we've not too far to travel.
    The needleroll looks fantastic Lynn, look forward to seeing it made up. I really need to try one of these out.
    If it's still ok for me to have he chart when you're finished, please let me know what you'd like in exchange :)


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