Friday, 27 February 2009

Jack's knee

You may recal that Jack has been having problems with his right knee since October last year, when he returned from a respite stay with a swollen and painful knee. I had it x-rayed, which didn't show any thing, and the trauma consultant was very cursory about looking at it. I've had him back to the GP's 3 times until he agreed to refer him to a different consultant.
I went to Oswestry RJAH hospital yesterday and it turns out he had broken the growth plate in his knee joint!

My poor boy, who can't talk, so can't tell me what is going on, has been suffering all this time! The upper bone has moved on top of the knee cap and pushed the cap back, which has then grown new bone behind and it's now fused in a bent position!
It is healed now, so shouldn't give him any more pain, but he'll never straighten his leg again! The consultant ( Mr Keily, a very nice man) said that as Jack isn't ambulant there is no point in putting him through surgery and a general anaesthetic for cosmetic reasons. If he was walking around it would be different, but he isn't, and never will be and it won't effect his every day life in any way

I feel terrible! I feel I should have picked up on it some how, even though I kept taking him back to the GP and telling him that it wasn't right.


I've finished the needle roll !

I'm very pleased with it, and I love the ribbon that came with it :)

Lisa if you email me your address, I'll send you the chart now I've finished with it :)

I've got another couple of needle rolls lined up to do, so I've got to decide which one is next. After seeing Barb's (no blog) basket full of rolls, I like the idea of doing several more :)

Hope you have a good week end with your family and friends x



  1. poor Jack, it should have been picked up, but it's definitely not you're fault, you did your best by taking him to the doctors. At least he's not in pain now.
    The needleroll is beautiful, the colours are so delicate. I've sent you an email :)

  2. Awww poor Jack.
    Love the needleroll, it's gorgeous.

  3. Oh poor Jack - such a pity the first consultant didn't investigate thoroughly - sounds like you did everything you could though. The main thing is that he is now pain free.
    Lovely needleroll!

  4. Awww poor Jack, Good job you asked for a second opinion.
    The needelroll looks superb, love the ribbon.

  5. Poor Jack, so glad he's OK now. Definitely NOT your fault Lynn - the first damned consultant should have done his job properly!
    Gorgeous needleroll & a lovely tribute. :0)


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