Saturday, 28 February 2009

Oscar the Guard Cat

This is what I found when I popped my head it to check on Jack while he was having his nap!

Oscar is very protective of Jack, he can usualy be found either on top of the bed frame, watching over him, or lying next to the wheelchair some where. He tends not to lie that close to Jack when Jack's awake because he gets thumped when Jack is awake and throwing his arms around lol, but he's never very far from him.

THE DOGS on the other hand, are only around Jack when there's food going, and they're after the 'fall out' that Font sizehits the floor rofl

I had a great sleep last night. I slept right through with out waking up! I didn't wake unti 10.15 am ...... I'm supposed to give Jack his meds by 09.00 !!!
After sorting Jack and having a shower, I decided to make a start on the next needle roll. Another Shepherd's Bush - Stitcher, this time. I did less than 2 stitches and fell asleep :o. I slept for another hour and a half until Cindy woke me up when she came home!
I'm not sure what it's about, but I feel ok apart from sleepy. Perhaps I'm coming down with what I had as a child, my mam called it ............... lazy-itis rofl

I'll hopefully, have an WIP of the needle roll to show you next time :)



  1. That cat is mental! Craig still has scratches on his hands from our visit, PMSL. Still, it's good that Oscar is so protective of Jack. I wonder why you're so tired? I have been this weekend, with a bad stomach yesterday, but seem to be fine today, apart from being really knackered. Hope you feel better soon Lynn. x

  2. Aww cute pic of Oscar and Jack. Must be the time of year, i've not done a lot this week (and that chair didn't get started, no concentration - sorry!) Hope you soon feel better,

  3. Lovely pic of Jack & his guardian. :0)
    Sounds like you're catching up on much needed healing sleep. :0)


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