Friday, 13 February 2009

visit from Jacqui (cushie) and Craig today

I had a lovely afternoon and evening today. Jacqui and her husband of 7yrs (tomorrow, valentines day!) Craig are spending their anniversary in Chester and as it's only 20 something miles away, decided to pop in and see me. We had a lovely time chatting about family etc and catching up on the gossip. At tea time we ordered in a chinese take-away, and Craig got a shock when his arrived. He thought the special chow mein with king prawns would come in one dish, so ordered fried rice too, but it came in two big dishes and was too much to fit on one plate so he had to resort to a pyrex casserole dish ...rofl..!

I couldn't resist getting the camera out rofl !!!

I've given Jacqui the leaflet from the Nimble Thimble and they are going to pay a visit tomorrow. Well it seems rude to come all this way and not call in to the best american cross stitch chart shop in the area doesn't it?

Talking of stitching, I'm half way through the Shephards bush needle roll, but didn't get much done on it this week. I'm hoping to get it finished over the week end, as next week I've got two more children coming to stay on respite and I know I won't get any done while they're here. I had them to stay for 10 days during last years summer holidays, so I know what I'm letting myself in for .. rofl



  1. Great pics of Jacqui and Craig, how lovely for then to stop by. Of course you needed to tell her where the Nimble Thimble is, i wonder what she bought and if her CC went up in smoke!!

    I remember the brother and sisters visit, they had a fab time with you, bet the cant wait to come and visit with Auntie Lynn, hope you have a lovely week with them.

  2. We had a great day with Lynn, but I bet Craig was cursing her after our visit to the Nimble Thimble cos I spent LOADS of his money. But howay, I AM worth it and it was our anniversary. LOL. The CC didn't go up in smoke though, we don't have one.


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